Welcome to our site, dear family and friends! Ensure you look through each link for something special for you! 999433_10152196894700821_1986967293_n We hope that you will be inspired, encouraged, admonished and strengthened as we interact together for the glory of God. It is our deepest desire to see Jesus Christ descend through the clouds soon to come and take us home as His own. Hence, it is our goal to maximize every moment of our wellbeing. We endeavor through this site to share with you and learn from you. Ours is to employ our time, talents, treasures and the body temple to honor our Creator and tell the world of His wondrous love! There can never be enough space to write about the goodness of the Lord in our lives. He has blessed us with a happy, godly home and various opportunities for service. Our dream to become cross-cultural missionaries since childhood has become a reality and together we have enjoyed living and reaching out to people in 10 different countries on the globe while visiting several others.

“God has an inbuilt room in every heart for the accommodation of friendship.” ~Joe Nyamwange

11411748_10152820497871086_7010958373593471957_o Our passion for health and wellness, and for missions and leadership intertwines both our lives in almost beautiful way. We are both graduates from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton where we met as teens! We both currently live in Cape Town, South Africa with the privilege of lots of sea and mountain views, with scenic and soothing drives. We have been blessed with opportunities to speak at Christian Conferences and to mentor couples and youth. We have scaled Mount Kilimanjaro together and we enjoy hiking on any available trail in our neighborhood and beyond. Singing duets together is a moment we both cherish very much. 285514_479137825820_1449183_n

Joe is blessed with the gift of leadership and is equipped to organize teams and groups for the achievement of desired goals while employing God given wisdom for conflict resolution. Being a very gentle person, Joe has continued to show and live the fruit of the Spirit as evident in his life, and this has continued to bring glory to God. He is a trained medical missionary and a professional in a corporate industry where he currently takes charge of the whole of the Africa Region. He enjoys table tennis, nature walks; nature drives, and quiet moments of reflection and playing puzzle pieces made from animals and plants. While a graduate student at Central Michigan University, Joe received accolades for his good interpersonal relations including being very good at serving others at the Student Commons. He has also served in various church leadership roles such as Deacon, Elder, Head Elder, Choir Director, Usher, Youth Leader, and Prayer Coordinator. Joe is a flutist and is blessed with the gift of song in voice and on instruments. IMG_2146

Beryl is a writer from the age of four! She was always first to help Daddy unpack after shopping, not because she expected any gifts or treats, but because she was eager to read every label on every item and to record it in her schoolbook. Since then, Beryl has a collection of over three thousand devotional prose pieces, over two thousand pieces of poetry and nearly two thousand quotes. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in Communication. Beryl also has a passion for healthy living and you will enjoy some of her creative recipes under the Win Wellness Link on the Medical Missionaries Menu. She is a swimmer and loves the outdoors and beach walks with Joe. She is an avid reader of books and enjoys quiet time on her own to hear God’s voice to her soul. She has a love for people and enjoys opening their doors to visitors. Beryl has also served in the church circle as Youth Leader, Prayer Coordinator, Interest Coordinator, Deacon, and Usher. Beryl’s fingers continue to attempt occasional friendship moments with her guitar.


We pray that our interaction with you will remain a blessing and that our Lord will come soon! We have come this far by grace! By grace He hath brought us this far!

“Grace not only exposes me to the journey; but also gives me glimpses of my destination.” ~Beryl Nyamwange