Your miseries cannot replace God’s mercies.

Your perplexities cannot destroy His peace.

Your contentions cannot change His character.

Your jeopardies cannot mutilate His joy.

Your anxieties cannot alter His availability.

Your doubts cannot depress His divinity.

Your lack of faith cannot feign His fairness.

Your unrighteousness cannot contaminate His uprightness.

Your complaints cannot challenge His competence.

Your worries cannot wear out His wisdom.

Your fears cannot flood over His freedom.

Your poverty cannot deplete His power.

Your sorrows cannot stress His tomorrows.

Your grief cannot bury His grace.

Your burdens cannot blow up His blessings.

Your sickness cannot diminish His power to heal and bless.

Your lack cannot remove His love.

Your pain cannot stop His process.

Your fears cannot frown His favors.

Your fright cannot darken His light.

Your failures cannot feign His influence.

Your family cannot match His fullness.

Your sadness cannot slacken His splendor.

Your hurriedness cannot hamper His humbleness.

Your traits cannot tamper with the Trinity.

Your temperament cannot tear apart His timing.

Your grievances cannot stop His giving.

Your cares cannot drown His courage.

So let Him be your God in whose arms you are safe.

Let Him Be your sufficiency whose power you find enough.

Let His name be the music that your heart tunes and calls.

Let His Hand grasp you when in weariness you fall.

LET HIM! ~Beryl Nyamwange