“The privilege of extending an outstretched hand, the thought of aiding someone in need, the blessing of sharing HEAVEN’S portion with a soul on earth in want, the joy of giving from one’s treasures extended from above comes with joy inexplicable, a smile unhidden, peace untainted, love banners all cast about in jubilation, of the provision from heaven. Hence, when thou doest good to thy neighbor, keep silence and let the echoes of your goodness be heard in the ears of heaven alone. It is of no use that man’s ears store thy works, for thy vile heart has an excessive capacity to germinate pride, hence let the HEAVEN’S alone regard these treasures, for then and then alone will humility bathe thy soul, and thine righteousness shall spark currents of good deeds in the lives of those around you, and the sun of heaven will shed its beams around you to cause you to carry the light of eternity far and wide in thy life.” ~Beryl Nyamwange 

gift bag 1

We are looking forward to receiving the first set of 1,000 (one thousand) Jewel of Joy Bags from our designer here in Cape Town. This is an exciting moment for us as the Lord allows us to penetrate prisons and hospital wards to share a word of hope with a soul in need of encouragement.

This is to say-


Please commit time to include in your intercessory prayers, those in prison and the sick in hospitals.

Please extend a hand and help someone in need today.

To God be the glory for allowing us to be alive today, to do His will for His glory .

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God bless you!

~Joe and Beryl Nyamwange