There’s a war inside of me, inside of you!

It is a battle between self and faith. Self weighs heavy upon my soul; upon your soul. It is the reason we get angry fast at even the smallest of insults. It is the main factor behind the tears we shed. It is the wheel that ravages the springs of our hearts as to cause us to snap unexpectedly at things that don’t go our way. It is the carnal engine that moves us to do wrong hoping to benefit from our own stupidity. It is the filth that clogs our eyes from seeing another’s point of view, the wax that blocks our hearing passage when another cries for help. Self is the quick tongue that makes sin palatable; the intoxicating diet that causes spiritual indigestion.

Self interferes with our health, even physically! We do that which we know we should not do, and we cry for help often hoping that we can do what we need to. Oh self. How we all need relief from this beast! But there is hope!

Living right and according to the principles of the Bible helps us to embrace the divine will, for indeed, the mind and the body are like twins in the womb- dependent on the same source of nourishment.


We need faith to help us live right. This faith may start small, but faith grows. Faith patches on the heart of the believer, but faith must choose to fly! Indeed, faith is like a little bird, unafraid to patch its tiny wings not only on a branch, but on the highest branch – not only of any tree, but of the Giant tree. From that view, faith ceases to see the size of the branch. It stops focusing on the strength of its own legs to grasp….for faith looks down from that upward vantage point with keen vision beyond the visible; and sees beyond the tree to its roots.

With the eye of divine imagination faith sees growth in grace and glory- And faith realizes that as long as the roots are firmly grounded, faith can continue to grasp on unceasingly, even amidst the swaying winds often unseen.
What else? Faith knows the power of the Gardener who not only planted the giant tree; but feeds it day by day; showers it with rain and in and out of season grows its leaves and prunes off some.
Faith soars. It looks for the highest points; for faith dares to believe that no fall can paralyse faith’s arm when faith holds on to the end aware of its depths.
Faith stands at the top and from that scary view faith sings. It shouts with the voice of triumph for faith is sure of victory.
Faith goes into silence when faith pauses and chooses to contemplate on the handiwork of the Universe’s Gardener. For in those moments faith’s heart beats with more hope and great courage when faith realizes how mighty our God is, and that true faith pleases the heart of the Father of Faith!
Eventually, faith beholds the glorious beauty of the Sunset; for faith knows that the setting of the sun ushers a new day made possible by the Son Who bids us come and rest a while.

Are you struggling with your health? Is it physical or spiritual? The two are closely related. There’s hope for any child of God who in weakness relies upon the strength of the Strong One.

Begin to live healthy, that your mind will easily comprehend the divine will of the One who made you, for your physical and spiritual self are intertwined.

Trust fully in divine power, and in the power of Christ alone, go out in service.

It is not enough to LIVE the gospel.
We must LIVE OUT the gospel.
Out of our hearts into the hurts of others.
Out of our homes into the neighborhoods.
Out of our living rooms into the lives of others.
Out of our kitchens into the feeding barns of others.
Live. ..but live beyond by living out!
~Beryl Nyamwange


3 JOHN 2 “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

~Beryl Nyamwange