Truly, truly, the God we serve loves every face you see along life’s highways, including yours. We are constantly amazed and humbled at how often He allows us divine encounters and appointments with His creation. But should we really be amazed when these experience become our own? Yes! Because it is by His grace alone through faith, that we work His works, that none may boast, that we can partner with Him. Ephesians 2:9. Should such experiences be expected as we walk the path with Him? I believe our God is a Communicator God who longs to chat with His children moment by moment. John 14:12 

One Divine Encounter that Joe and I had yesterday, has been used of God to help me pen down this piece. May you be blessed as you read it.

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32


There’s a broken heart out there waiting;

Waiting for the strength of your arms,

To lift it up from the pains and hurts,

And speak words of comfort and welcome.

There’s a longing ear out there waiting;

Waiting for the music of your kind words,

IMG_2393To sing a song of hope and encouragement,

And increase the joy of the beats of love.

There’s a pair of weary-worn feet out there waiting;

Waiting for the guidance of your diligent footsteps,

To show them the way to life everlasting,

The path whose Guide neither knows death nor delay.

There’s a saddened face out there waiting;

Waiting for the beauty of your genuine smile,

To bring a glimmer of hope in their darkness,

And warn them of a Better Day soon coming.

There’s a cold hand out there waiting;

Waiting to clasp with courage your own;

To feel the warmth of human love,

And be a member of the family below and above.

There’s a crying voice out there waiting;

Waiting to hear your echoes of true faith,

To revive the tunes of hopes now hushed,

And find the truth and beauty of God given dreams.

There’s a conscience out there waiting;

Waiting for the piercing of divine truth,

To leave the paths of sin and darkness,

And find love in the arms of the God of all strength.

There’s a question out there waiting,

Waiting to find conclusions in your sacred answers,

To find depth of meaning along life’s corridors,

And walk the path of righteousness unto eternity’s doors.

~Beryl Nyamwange