“For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:15,16

Jesus touched people! He still does. His invisible hand remains invincible! His might remains in sight, but only to them that have an eternal perspective! They that have been touched must move! Move in His direction! They must speak! Speak the language of heaven! They must sing! Sing the song of Moses and the Lamb! They must cry! Cry for the sins of the land. They must pray! Pray for the salvation of souls! They must rest! Rest from toil when the work is done. ~Beryl Nyamwange

When the hands of Jesus touch a human soul and that soul experiences His power to strengthen, there comes a divine boldness that can no longer be silent. This spiritual enthusiasm is borne of heaven  that His name may be glorified. This holy boldness, with a perpetual testifying of His wonders- He pours upon His penitent child like a stream that flows to water the surrounding deserts of mankind’s habitation. The touch of Jesus is not just a soothing warmth and feeling, however true this remains. It is also a jerking awareness to the performance of sacred responsibilities; the need to obey His biddings and use one’s gifts and talents for the advancement of His kingdom. Marriage allows such an opportunity for our Lord to be glorified! He uses all of us, whether single or married, in whatever state we are in, if we are willing. Today, we just want to recognize, amidst the fallacies of modern living, that God is and can be honored through godly marriages, and that He does the finishing work of immortality.

In as much as the marriage between two people still bears the image of the two as individual persons; their hearts are intertwined as one, and how much more of a blessing if in this life the two embrace a shared vision of service for the Master and and see the eternal Home as the only option worth living for!
In as much as the marriage between two people (male and female) -still bears the image of the two as individual persons; their hearts are intertwined as one, and how much more of a blessing it becomes, if in this life the two embrace a Shared Vision of service for the Master; a Common Purpose of bringing glory to His name, and a Relentless Pursuit after the heart of Christ- as both continue to seek that Eternal Home as the only option worth living for!

Though society has misappropriated God’s divine order and blasphemed His name with unnatural affections, (Romans 1:25-32), God’s law regarding marriage remains as He ordained. The opportunity and blessing of marriage is one of the avenues that God chooses, to expand  the sphere of influence of His children for the sake of service to others and for the advancement of His kingdom. Indeed, it is one thing to marry someone you love, but yet another when two people who love each other and have vowed before God to walk together have similar passions. This is a double blessing that the Lord uses to glorify His name.  We are a work in progress, and I hope that you too will long for that finishing touch of immortality; that the vanishing stench of immorality will not be found among us! And that we will allow the Master Builder to complete His work in us! For the married folks, we pray your homes be after the righteousness of Christ; and that they that walk within and without and about with us, will know that we have met Jesus, and He is working out His finishing touch of immortality in our hearts. The blessing remains true for the singles and in whatever sphere of influence you may be at in your life at present. We just long for the finishing touch of immortality.


There’s the finishing touch on wood, With vanish and gloss to create great hues, Strong attachments with glue, Shining edges and glamour that looks so good.

There’s the finishing touch on metal, Through fire, grind and brimstone, High temperatures that break to mould and bend, A shiny finish of a product, rust removed, heat increased.

There’s the finishing touch on cloth, Stitches gently hewn and patterns carefully designed. Patches of decor and pockets of beauty. Buttons running across and zip lines just right.

There the finishing touch that needs no repair, No adjustments, no more gloss, No more screws, no more wirings. It’s drill is of the Master’s hand.

Strength found on the blood stained grip. Pierced by nails that touched beyond wood. Blessings from deep within His soul full of love so deep. All for humanity’s sake and eternal good.

Let me find the finishing touch Of the Master’s hand most sufficient. He gives me much, I lean upon Him my Branch. Let me find Him fully Omniscient.

Yet it is the heart of man He longed to touch.

~Beryl Nyamwange