AND THE LORD appointed a set time saying, Tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land. And the Lord did that thing in the morrow…” Exodus 9:5,6. God fulfill the words of His own mouth. He accomplishes that which He purposes to do. I can only but share on this page what the Lord impresses upon my  heart amidst the myriads of words He has planted within me.  The choice for today’s reading has been picked based on a personal experience today. I dreamt about a precious friend of mine this morning, and it was based on the theme of time, and when I checked, I realized it is my friend’s birthday today! Something I was not consciously aware of. That realization proved significant to me because birthdays are markers of time. Hence, we serve the God of providence, not the God of circumstance, and nothing happens to us by chance. I believe the dream was to teach me some lessons too on time management. 

Time is a precious gift given to all humanity in equal measure.

Herewith is time described as an oasis and I pray you find solace and ask the Lord of time to guide your every moment.  What is an oasis? “a fertile spot in a desert where water is found.”

We each have the fertile spot of time, because to each one has been given this garden to tend. In equal portions it has been demarcated, and the crop given to the heart of each soul; with opportunities for character to mend. The roots from our Source must remain evident. The fruits of our labor, sweet. The stems of our efforts must hang with determination to do His will by grace. The leaves of His righteousness in us, if they must fall- let them fly to the destination of a soul that needs divine power to heal and restore.

We choose the seeds to plant therein, and we not only bear witness to, but feed from our own harvest in the garden of time; the oasis where moments turn to seconds; seconds to minutes; minutes to hours and the clock moves on! I pray the Lord guide us in fulfilling His mission while we have TIME.  images-2 AN OASIS OF TIME

An oasis of time upon humanity has been poured.

With the rising of dawn each day, it flows.

With the falling of rains, it showers.

With the pelting of winds, it blows.

With the birth of babies, the oasis remains unhidden.

With the pains of motherhood, the oasis remains unbidden.

With the strength of manhood, it grows and matures.

With the aging of generations, it changes not her nature.

With the increase of knowledge, this oasis of time hides all wisdom.

With its reign every day, it is poured upon humanity from the kingdom.

With the depth of humanity, it knows no doom.

With the passing of nations, it continues to bloom.

An oasis of time upon humanity floods.

Not to overflow its banks and shed blood,

But to render each man an opportunity,

To each day upon the rising of the sun report to duty.

Let this oasis her constancy perpetuate.

Her infinity unmistakably proliferate.

Careless hearts towards change exasperate.

Discerning minds abundance expect.

Let each passing second beckon my mind

To the reality of life’s second chances,

And that in my interactions I shall remain kind,

And draw others to behold His purity sacredness.

Let each flying minute loudly warn me,

Of the minuteness of some choices,

And that my eyes shall be opened to see,

The reality of His love and hear the beauty of His voice.

Let each moment draw my heart,

To the heavenly joys and expectations,

Then shall temporary be my present hurts,

As I await thy eternal, promised salvation.

~Beryl Nyamwange

oasis-400x250“Is there not an appointed time to man upon earth?” Job 7:1