For the curious folks, you must be thinking this article is about a wedding coming up.

Well, it could be. It could be a short inspiration to your gifting so that each day of your life becomes a celebration in doing that which the Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, has empowered you to do.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

It’s that exciting time of the year for me, when while living under the Cape Town winter, I start another journey of pursuing Summer Classes within my home office. Studies in Communication and its application has intrigued me since childhood, and I left a lucrative paying job with an international humanitarian organization, so that I could spend my time fully organizing words according to divine inspiration. I have never regretted that choice one bit. However, recently the Lord has opened a door for me to grow stronger wings in Communication studies as a writer, author and poet.


So today, I just want to share with you some thoughts that have invaded my mind as I think about the next three months between “Blackboard and Books,” with fellow colleagues scattered the world over, and discovering new Brooks with my husband Joe.

The more artistic ones may relate more with this article, however the scientifically wired may glean a positive hint or two.


Creativity is not a private affair! Is it? Or else we would never see it. Creativity is a public phenomenon, sometimes hard to gauge or even describe.

So let me try.

Creativity of any kind; artistry in any form, must be released. It refuses to stay locked in the artist’s mind. There’s the power that pushes artistry out of its hidden thoughts as to risk exposure to the masses. The behavior of the masses remains unpredictable, thus subjecting the artist to a form of vulnerability. This kind of vulnerability is beyond the artist to contain because it is not within the power of the artist to control the results of the gifting once exposed.

Who is the source of the gifting? For the Christian beIiever and Schloar, the answer is straightforward. There can be no creatures without a Creator. There can be no gifts without a Giver. “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 12:4

Therefore, to each has been given a gift, however in our application of it, we are often surrounded by the unknown and we remain unsure of what others will think or say. When open to criticism, the soul of humankind closes with fear, however artistry rends the soul bear and exposed. It invites anyone into its space and above all, believes that that which is being exposed will turn out to be a blessing to one or more. This vulnerable exposure is usually an act of pain, but the result is that of gain. For yes, the artist is eager to share that which lies within, but the artist has no power to enter the rooms of the hearts of the onlookers; motives to discern.

Pure artistic display, mingled with penitent prayer and released with an open heart of learning, in cooperation between the divine power and the human will; that the antagonistic self be removed and swept away; is not only an act born of sacred courage and holy boldness, but true worship of the Master Artist who imparts the skills.

Indeed, any form of artistry, when subjected to use under divine principles that govern our gifts from heaven, will knock on the doors of hearts with a jabbing echo; a sense of urgency; relentless pursuit for the sake of being a blessing to others, while the Main Source of the artistic talent also works in the heart of the artist the mind to transform, the motives to conform to divinity, and subject to humility- Why?

The artist born of heaven is fully aware of his or her role as a channel to transmit to others that which heaven has birthed; a finger to pen that which heaven has spoken; a hand to paint that which heaven has drawn; a mouth to speak that which heaven has transmitted and tool to curve that which heaven has already formed.


When this form of artistry is released, it finds wings to fly in the spaces of others that it may gather positive criticism, find those with like minded flying speed, gather strength and courage to rise higher, meet the slower ones and learn from them while helping them gain momentum.

The ultimate goal in the application of this kind of artistry is GLORY- not to the artist, not for the talent, not for creativity, but glory to the Giver who chooses to endow each one with talent for character development and for His glory.

My mind runs to the story of the two Demoniacs of Gadara in Mark 5:1-20, and I know there’s hope for any one of us, to scale to greater heights for a greater vision of His glory and for longer arms of service in our positions of duty.

If He can turn Demoniacs into Missionaries, then He can transform any kind of Maniac into a Visionary.


Are you engaged? Are you engaged in pursuing His gifting within you for His glory and for the benefit of humanity? Release your creativity, and bless the world with your artistry. Divine artistry has the accompaniment of sanctity. Fear Not.

~Beryl Nyamwange