Still me,
Still me Lord,
Still me like a new born baby
Wrapped in the mother’s arms of love,
Contented and secured in her presence.

Still me,
Still me like a giant tree,
Standing tall in the jungles of the forest,
Unshaken by the heavy winds that fly aloft.


Still me,
Still me like the full moon in summer.
Content to shine the fullness of her brightness,
Amidst the summer skies in the night’s darkness.

Still me.
Still me like the dew upon the tender grass.
Awake each morning with freshness at each drop,
Satisfied to be due after the heavy downpour.

Still me.
Still me like the cool breeze in the night.
Happy to remain quiet with not a fight.
Invisible, yet active even in the absence of light.

Still me.
Still me like the sunset come.
On her way to rest her cares in her home.
A work of warming earth completed and now her beauty stored.

Still me.
Still me like the ocean waves at eve.
When tides spread their bed at shore.
And those in the ships rest their oars.

Still me.
Still me for I am yours alone.
A child whom the joy of the Father’s peace knows,
Resting with hope and ease upon her knees.

“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


~Beryl Nyamwange