Fight the good fight of faith.
Fight the good fight of faith;                                                                                                      A battle fought with the strong weapons of heaven.
This battle transcends the spheres and spaces of earth,
and keeps the soul pure, holy, fearless and unleavened.


The ground of the soul is undefiled by sin’s missiles;
a soul purified by the majestic aiming and firing
of HEAVEN’S standard and perfected artilleries,
quenching enemy darts, his crew ashaming.

The weapons for this mighty and grand warfare
are sharpened by the Master’s hand and sharp sickle;                                                                          one that penetrates the core and deep of humanity’s affairs
and guards the heart from guile, injury, and sin-sickness.

The head is covered with the designed crown of justice;
earned by no other currency but divine love and grace;
a crown worn by patient endurance of the saints on earth,
adorned upon our heads by the Master who trod earth’s paths.

The hands are ever prepared the enemy to attack and target
with the sharp arrow of the Holy Spirit and the Divine Word;
breaking the chains and revealing enemy tactics and nuggets;
for so long he plays his wicked cards hidden to most of the world.

The heart beats with cheers and constant jubilation from the angel party;
for the battle of faith is won and we are no longer considered guilty.
Angel armies surround us and protect us from harm and danger,
and we are HEAVEN’S beloved children of the Father; no longer strangers.

The stampede of our feet march in unison with the Master’s guiding steps.
We follow on with discipline to His commands to listen to and obey.
He opens our hearts to understand deep secrets and His precepts,
We no longer know heart’s sin and wickedness, no more decay.

We shout with eager voices of victory, solace and triumph.
We race to the finish line with joy deeper and more glorious.
He opens the gates of eternity and bids us His beloved “welcome.”                                                             We march on as one happy Band to everlasting life and prosperity.

~Beryl Nyamwange 

“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, wherein to thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.” 1 Timothy 6:12