THE state of sleep day by day is one divinely designed for the human race for rejuvenation, even though the modern automaticity of life keeps many awake when sleep needs her rightful place and moment.

However, in matters of spirituality, the state of “sleep” is dangerous.

In sleep, we are caught unaware.

In sleep, there’s no battle to fight,

In sleep, a sense of lethargy sets in.

Let faith awaken.


Hebrews 11 is the pillow to rest upon when we need reminders of the beauty of resting in faith.

Please take a moment and read the chapter. Imagine faith alive……..

Let faith awaken,
Out of the bed of slumber of doubt.
Let faith be risen
And let faith get out!

Into the citadel of peace
Let faith be found,
Inside the mind at ease,
Let faith find its ground.

Into the highways of uncertainty,
Let faith be driven,
Through calamities
Let faith be resurrected.

Through the office of life,
Let faith work and strive
To beat against all strife;
Let faith succeed and thrive.

Within the periods of rest,
Let faith rejuvenate,
Through daily tests,
Let faith resuscitate.

Into the word of God,
Let faith mingle with hope.
Through life’s trails and sod,
Let faith’s heights never drop.

Through the thirsty aisle
Let faith find cleansing.
Even amidst earth’s guile,
Let faith continue her working.

In satisfaction and peace,
Let faith abide still,
In challenge and through tides,
Let faith be gentle and still.


The shoe of faith, though it may seem oversize, is just the perfect fit for the praying pilgrim’s feet. The garment of His presence gives a cushion against that which He bids not, and a pillow for the purest conscience.


~Beryl Nyamwange