“When thrown into the society of unbelievers, whether walking, working, riding, trading, or visiting, we should, as we have opportunity, introduce the subject of religion, and speak of the things which concern their eternal interest. We should not do this abruptly, but with tact. This was the way in which our Saviour taught concerning the kingdom of God. Everything in nature, and the incidents passing under their notice, were to him texts for impressive sermons. He thus bound up his sacred lessons with the flowers, with the recurring seasons, with the rocks, the hills, and the mountains, and with the every-day occurrences of life. Thus it is the duty of every follower of Jesus to sow beside all waters.”  Ellen G. White, Gospel Workers, p. 393 

I am intrigued by this statement above because I have found it to be so real anytime we get out into nature. 

Joe and I welcomed this past Sabbath by a flowing creek near home.


The quiet environment beckons the soul to worship the Creator, sweet sacrifice of praise to bring to His altar. There we sat watching the waters stream down amidst pebbles and rocks as we sang, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing.” We held hands together, looking forward to that Better Country and the blissful Eden, as we echoed the words in the tune of “Safely Through Another Week, God Has Brought Us On Our way.”

We watched the sun tuck herself into her dark chamber of slumber, and we knew it was time for our feet to carry us gently back home. As we held hands crossing between the giant trees in the cooling forest, walking quietly and thankfully, I saw a bird flying home, solo, and the Lord of glory whispered this poem to my heart.

I heard Him bid me,”COME”  


I hope a line or a phrase blesses your own heart. 


Like unto a bird going home,
My feet along the path have come.
A long ways I have been away,
Yet I did hear your voice say,

Come, ye weary and heavy laden,
By sin and earthly care burdened,
By toil and uncertainty laden,
By mirth and misery saddened,

Come, ye tired on the toilsome way,
Ye finitely wired to go astray,
Ye that need my guiding light and ray,
Ye in need of health and peaceful stay.

Come, ye in search of earthly gold,
Ye whose names He cares to call,
Ye that need the grace that never fails,
Ye that shout with the voice of wail.

Come, ye that run the race for fame,
Ye that search for thyself a name,
Ye entangled in earthly games,
Ye that have experienced shame.

Come, ye that hunger and thirst,
Ye that fear the dreads and lust,
Ye that feel slain and outcast,
Ye that long for things that last.

Come, ye that search for earthly wisdom,
Ye that long for depth of freedom,
Ye that know the encounter of boredom,
Ye that breathe the air in Sodom.

Like unto a bird going home,
After the earth of peace is warmed;
Be a partaker of my lasting calm,
I am here to gladden, save, and warn.

Come! …..I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 

~Beryl Nyamwange