We are blessed to live in a natural environment in this temporary abode on earth. Birds have found a place in our home and it is not uncommon to find them on our dining table or on the verandah, mostly having left behind evidence of their visits- tiny, white stool (poop). Yet there’s a bird phenomenon that has lately intrigued me. Every night at around 9pm, right close to our bedroom window a birdy starts chirping! She sings happily in the dark, then goes to sleep. So today I looked through the window to our little garden where they roam, and the words, “gardening at night” were born in my heart. And sometimes I am like that bird, when I lose some sleep because my mind can’t stop to hear words that beg, “pen me down!” However, my thoughts have been sent to a different kind of garden.


Reading the Bible, while failing to study it; maintaining a devotional life while falling short of a devoted life to Christ; pressing Him for our wants, while failing to praise Him for His fulfillment of our needs; knowing Biblical principles while failing to live by its precepts, is like gardening at night.

The sower misses to tell the spot wherein the seed was planted, or even if it took root. The sunshine that causes the blossom is non existent and there’s no warmth to bring to life the treasures buried within. Thieves prefer darkness and when the seed is stolen, the sower is left unaware, perturbed and confused. The sower waits for fruit in vain because the spot of the seed sown does not bear true witness to the act of sowing. The sower waits for change, but finds chance, and blames it on circumstance.

Let the student of the word be diligent, uncompromising and determined to hear the voice of God through His pages. Let the student maintain a prayerful heart before, during and after learning at the feet of the Greatest Teacher. Let prayer be the web that encircles the heart of the student, trapping sin and keeping it at bay that it may neither defile the territory of the heart nor come between the student and holiness. Let the student of the word, by grace get up and share with someone else of the treasures dug, the jewels found, the Pearl of Great Price revealed, and in that heart plant a new seed of faith, that will pierce through darkness into His marvelous light.

Let the student maintain a devotion to heavenly things, a commitment to doing God’s will, a fervency in prayer that will never let go until the Lord blesses, and true obstinacy towards sin and its sinfulness that will never give sin even a foothold. Let the world see the power found in unity in prayer among the saints. Let the world, so burdened with disease of body and mind, see a people crying, not for personal reasons, but for the salvation of souls; crying, not only for the sins visible, but that a soul has been accepted into the heart of the Invincible- a people who have tasted and seen that the Lord is good; a people who cannot be silenced even in the grave, for their works and words do speak after them, though they know nothing in the grave; a people eager to spread His love banner into the four corners of the earth, like a speedy courier whose moment has come, going from house to house, street to street, with the countenance of the Lord of joy spread across their faces, and angels opening doors of the hearts of men, women and children for them, because they are His Ambassadors- that they may plant that which heaven has birthed within them. Then watch the Holy Spirit bathe the heart of the trembling soul with the assurance of the presence of the God who loves to death and beyond.


Oh that we may not only read but study.
Oh that we may not only study but meditate upon His life.
Oh that we would fully appreciate the second chance that divinity has bestowed upon us,
and within it experience change that Providence alone offers!
Oh that we may not only meditate upon His life and beauty but consecrate our own to His eternal keeping, while responding to duty.
Oh that we may not imagine eternity to be a fable away but realize He’s preparing a table – for them that believe- even now.
Oh that we may fully accept this free gift of salvation and truly give of ourselves to the Master.

Let Him tend the garden of my heart, and there shall be never fading flowers of character, with petals filled with the fragrance of heaven; a strong stem that will withstand the tempests; roots that tap deep into eternity and leaves that scatter the Good News to all in my sphere of influence.

Dear Jesus, come into my heart and possess me.

Lord, I believe! Help mine unbelief!

~Beryl Nyamwange