Today, I will share with you my most favorite piece!

It brings back lots of memories of how I started prayer journaling. I have a collection of my prayer journals kept daily, over the past 22 years of my life. Recently I said they are my most cherished earthly possession, and when I travel, I often think of them and pray against any fires (seriously).

They are too numerous to carry along, however, I am thankful for the Lord who inspired this thought in my then teenage mind. During some of my quiet times today, I go back to those old precious pages, even ten years ago, or more- and search for a date to find out what my day was like then! And what whispers ascended to the Throne Room. I believe it is one of my life’s greatest blessings, and I am forever grateful to the Lord for allowing me to not only speak my prayers, but have hand written records of them, including my daily experiences and the places I had been on each day. It seems technology is catching up with me and I need to print the latest ones I have recorded.

During a walk in a nature park one Sunday morning, my dear husband Joe and I, both lovers of nature, saw a sign “Secret Garden.” I quickly said to him, “let’s stop for a few minutes, I need to sit down.” We did, and this poem was birthed right there. It calls my heart to prayer. I pray you find it a blessing too. 


My Secret Garden

My secret garden, my quiet place.

There I stop, in need of a solemn pause,

I catch a glimpse of the birds and the animals.

I set my eyes on Your heavens; Your voice calls.

Birds of prey, monkeys, owls, and pigeons,

Could these be part of the miracles of Gideon?

My secret garden, moments of peaceful bliss,

Your handiwork of art creates a mighty kiss;

Pause to ponder, the unfathomable beauty all around.

My senses absorb, feed in these wonders profound.

The music and majesty of heavenly host visible,

Who could do this, but the Creator Invincible?

My secret garden, my harbor of needful rest.

When at life’s brinks, on His Word I feast.

Clasp my hands to Your Word, to my heart speak.

Overlooking the birdcages, I see a gentle peak

Of Your mountain of grace, wiggling her shape.

Who else but You, feed my eyes on this continual gape?

My secret garden, my point of reflection;

Exposed I am, to Your tender affection.

You provide for all Your beloved creation.

This truth is beyond my simple imagination.

Sounds of joy around, enter my listening ear;

Won’t You to Your side, draw me nearer?

My secret garden, my minute of quietude,

My demeanor changed, a humbled attitude.

Pathways glossed in colorful flowery hues,

Petals of innocence; You already paid the dues.

Thorn bushes with lessons on patience.

Where else can I go, except to Your ambiance?

Teach me, to Your secret garden come.

I know You accept me, just as I am.

Tenderize my character in Your holy farm,

Let not the world and its deadly charm.

Pull me away from Your eternal home,

For I long to hear Your voice of welcome.

Teach me, in Your secret garden to linger,

Walking in the direction of Your pointing finger.

Let not the poisonous weeds of earth hinder

My vision of growth from seeing yonder.

In Your presence I want to ponder;

My friendship with You, growing fonder.

Teach me, to Your secret garden retreat,

Come to the quiet, in Your joy feast,

Appreciating Your willful eternal gift.

Let not the world’s compass shift

My view of You, and thus me unfit;

Instead, to You heavenwards my eyes lift.

Teach me, in Your secret garden to sing,

Recognize You as Creator of everything.

You are the world’s and jungles’ King.

Let me to Your Tree of Life always cling.

When You come again, I will fly with wings,

Higher than the birds; no more earthly stings.

Teach me, in Your secret garden to pray.

Draw closer to You day by day,

Through life’s journey on Your walkway.

Listening to Your voice closer than the bay,

You shape me, formed of simple clay,

Yet everlasting I will, with You stay.

~Beryl Nyamwange 

“Pray without ceasing” – Paul the Apostle.