When the soul is resigned in to do God’s will, 

When the mind chooses upon Him to dwell, 

Then the heart will begin to do well, 

Salvation’s story empowered to tell. 

It will cease upon such a soul, 

Circumstances to perplex, 

For such a one doth realize, 

That providence doth propel. 

Doth move the mind upward, 

Shake the heart to go forward, 

With divinity experiences renewed, 

And spiritual growth not a retard. 

Personal cares cease to birth anxiety, 

For the battle is fought by one Mighty, 

And though the road be marked with uncertainty, 

The destination’s reality is the visibility of divinity; the truth of eternity. 

Oh soul! why dost thou fear death?

Is it not a street on the paths on earth?

Hast thou not passed along to view its paths?

Hast thou not experienced the reality of its aftermath?

Oh soul! Why art thou afraid to wait?

Why dost thou employ thine weak weapons to fight?

Are you afraid of the dark glimmers of the night?

Do you worry about invisible plight?

Oh that thou wouldest come to the altar, 

There present thy petitions of grace, 

Oh that thou wouldest know thy life matters, 

And visible to the All SEEING Eyes are its pages. 

Fear not tomorrow, 

Fret not thyself over borrowed sorrow, 

Do not cast down thy tender brow, 

Do not the seeds of doubt scatter and sow. 

Cheer forth with expectation, 

Echo loud with jubilation, 

Listen to the divine voice of unction, 

Report to Him and fulfill your function. 

Oh that thou wouldest know of His love, 

Oh that thou wouldest look beyond and above, 

You would see heaven emptied, 

That your heart may be filled and sanctified. 

Friend, Resign yourself into God’s will. 

You will be safe from turmoil. 

Resign, I say resign, 

Let Him employ you in His vineyard. 

~Beryl Nyamwange

“I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8