Babies have died in my arms and in my womb.

But there’s more to life! There’s something new beyond the tomb!

Look beyond the blinding horizon of darkness and the unknown,

to the sparkling light of hope and of battles won.

Baby died

Like a circle without corners,

So is pain adorned,

Round and round it lingers,

In our hearts chambers stored.

No beginning, no end.

Just ongoing, it pends,

And we ask for a switch button,

But find soreness and we are torn.

It rolls on us like a dice in a game.

Never a possibility to be tamed.

Knocks our spaces with uncertainty;

Storming in with character unruly.

Is pain shapeless?

Does it fertilize cowardice?

Does it grow weeds of despair?

Our inability to arise?

Pain has corners in the circle,

Where life’s lessons we learn and tackle.

Pain is round;

But corners in it are found.

The first corner of pain is found

When Father’s presence my heart surrounds.

His might encircles me all around,

As with Him I stand on level ground.

The second corner of pain is visible above

When I gaze up to see His drops of love;

When He says, “child, my peace you can have,”

And in His name I go forth with vigor to serve.

The third corner of pain is visible under;

My trembling feet He carries me yonder,

To a place where in quietness and hope I ponder,

And my pain muscles He stretches as I surrender.

The fourth corner of pain I find within

When my heart’s door is open for Him to enter in;

When my thoughts are released to bar away sin;

When to the beckoning by His grace I give in.

The fifth corner of pain I find ahead,

For Father has gone to prepare my holy shed;

That place where I choose Him instead,

Where by His faith I am spiritually fed.

Yes, pain has five corners;

For in my pain I think outside the box,

Knowing that in my pain I am not a loser,

But in His presence I can trustingly relax.

The circle of pain has corners;

A completed circle between earth and heaven,

The promise given to mere sojourners,

Peaceful we remain as in pain we journey with Him.

John 16:33 “In this world ye shall have trouble, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

~Beryl Nyamwange