ANOTHER SUNSET, another sunrise, on the passing of my days! Celebration! Celebration for the gift of life and the joy of living. Praise and honor to the one who gives me breath. Love and adoration to the one He has blessed me with to share my life, Joe. 

Let me start by sharing a short quote from one of the least known of men, yet one whose words provoke the mind to think beyond self. Blaise Pascal lived between 1623-1662. A short life yet a great and long legacy.

We have spent the past few days out in nature, sometimes with intentional silence just so we could hear the birds and waves sing, and stare upon the canopy of the grand and plenteous sky, holding hands in the joy of hearing each other’s hearts. 

Pascal said, “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.

How so true! What a restless generation? Here is my poem born from a few moments of silence out with God and Joe in nature. 

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug for a few minutes, including you…

-Anne Lamott. 



In the magnitude of pure silence, 

When man’s activities cease, 

When in rest he seeks sweet release, 

When in rejuvenation he exonerates peace. 

When his toil stretches to a stop, 

And his thoughts he channels toward the Top, 

When his mind in thinking gropes, 

When his day is marked with growth, 

Let him in the silence of nature, 

Hear the Voice of his Creator speak. 

In this let his soul mature,

As the grandeur of divine thoughts he seeks. 

In the magnitude of silence nature speaks.

The birds their carols raise, their voices squeak. 

The clouds sing their changing patterns, 

The sun shines its lasting lantern. 

The waves their song is heard in chorus. 

The leaves of trees their hands clap to cheer us. 

The mountains remain an altar for the seeing eyes. 

The rocks grounded with never a sigh. 

The sands raise their tunes along the beaches. 

Underneath their beds are thousands of leaches. 

Hence man may find great lessons and richness, 

Of God’s mighty hands that completed His work with an artistic finesse. 

The sea weeds continue their sway, 

They sing along the gorgeous bays, 

Providing feed to nature’s creatures along the way, 

With promises of their presence day by day. 

The winds dance in joyful repetitions, 

Cooling earth’s creatures with a delightful touch. 

The gras showcases her greenery creations. 

This God the Creator, His artistry none can match. 

The waves roar in consistent pride, 

Their utter visibility they cannot hide. 

The earth’s song remains wide. 

Let its Creator be my Guide. 

The flowers glory in their pretty petals. 

Such magnificent variety, this cannot be all. 

The fish swim to and fro with dives and gentle falls, 

Each creature obeys the voice that calls. 

The pebbles give man a spring in his step. 

The canopy of the heavens his delightful drape. 

Death sings in the territory of man’s ways. 

Yet this dirge will soon be silenced and the believing man find everlasting hope. 

Let man hence value these divine moments.

In unceasing praise the earth sings to the Omnipresent. 

Come away and rest a while without lament. 

Come unto me for rest; ye that are heavy laden. 

~Beryl Nyamwange.