My week has been filled with the resounding footsteps of injustices a long my trail. Seven are recorded in this piece of encouragement.


Many countries and communities are calling for peace. Is there a kind of peace that the world gives?

Does the world have peacemakers; of calm and renewal or piece markers; of lands, houses, territories and favoritism?

There are plenty calls for peace marches, bells ringing in townships and cities; a cry for non-violent ways of restoring human dignity; of equality for all and justice for all. I know there can be no peace without justice, and vice versa.

Peace longs for a settlement in the heart of every soul,

but justice needs a beating.

There’s tremendous value in the practice of justice. I think of the words of Jesus: Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27.

When I think of peace, I smell justice very close; for these two must be brewed in the same pot if the dining of the human heart must lay a table for all to benefit from its abundance.Yes, justice beats in my heart, but peace keeps calm so I and others can enjoy the justice striven for. 

Peace and justice must remain bedfellows if man is to wake up with sobriety of action and thoughtful intent in responding to life’s hardening situations.  

I have garnered some lessons to help me a long the way. I hope you catch a glimpse of one or two, and let your heart beat with justice. 


“Touching the Almighty, we cannot find him out; he is excellent in power, and in judgment, and in plenty of justice; he will not afflict.” Job 37:23

The night before the dreadful scenes crowded my face, I felt the beat of justice in my heart and wrote the piece below. It seems to me the Lord of Justice was preparing my heart to meet that which would come along my path. Praise be to His Holy Name. 

First, the disrespectful approach of a man toward a worker at the local library prompted me to tell him, “GENTLEMAN, HERE WE REMAIN POLITE.” His defense mechanisms got wings and he said to me, “What does it have to do with you?” To which I responded. “Sir, I am human, and what affects her affects me. If she won’t speak for herself, I will speak for her.”

Secondly, I visited a historical site and when I entered the room, the lady at the desk cared less except that the speed at which she asked me to make a donation was much faster than her desire to show me around as per her assigned responsibility. Two gentlemen walked in while I roamed alone, and got all the attention from her. The scenario smelt of unfairness. She noticed it and came asking if I needed help! 

Thirdly, I saw a man running after a woman on the street to beat her up!

Fourth, while I parked, an angry taxi driver came too close to my open door. I could “read” the words on his face. I said to him, “Have a nice day.” 

Fifth, university students are demanding justice with the hashtag, #FEESMUSTFALL.

Sixth, I am writing a paper on the same theme and this makes it all so real. Thanks to Albert Luthuli, the first African to get the Nobel Peace Prize award. 

Lastly, a woman in Nepal has won the CNN HERO prize because of her work of justice in saving girls from child trafficking. 

“Communication has the power to go beyond that which is soothing, to that which benefits humanity.” ~Beryl Nyamwange 


“Every single day, the divine Hand tunes my heart to beat;

Thousands of beats my breath receives with an upbeat,

But the one that beats the loudest and most consistently,

Is the ceaseless beat of justice.

I grasp for breath at the thought of the rape of a sweet damsel.

I stop breathing at the mental picture of a young male;

Brutally murdered and body mutilated in the name of justice.

Faces constrained and countenances longing for prevailing peace.

Life chills within me at the thought of an abortive act;

Seemingly one of today’s prevalent News artifacts.

The breath of a complete image and likeness of God sniffed and muffed,

Destroyed before the light of day by the hand of divinity is cast.

Darkness pervades my vision at the glimpse

Of an orphan going without basic necessities, knowing not the joy of a kiss.

Sunset cowers on my rainbow of bliss

When a worker is fired based on the kaleidoscope of skin!

My five senses cringe at the reality of a poverty stricken widow,

My sixth sense bows down in penitent prayer,

For the homeless, pitiable, emaciated and worn!

Let God alone deal mercifully with me and with the slayer.

Let this heartbeat not die over my lifeless body,

Let not this heartbeat slow down in reckless fear,

For while I yet live, I will make my vocals loud,

I will speak and be heard, I will shout and be clear.

I will roar loud like a lion protecting her cubs,

Loud enough beyond my immediate suburbs,

Because my heartbeat will spring me to action,

Henceforth I know I will not act alone.

My heartbeat of justice will stamp my feet

Upon the path of solutions, though the steps take time,

Peace, we shout! Peace knows no defeat!

Here comes peace on time:

To seek wisdom from above,

To respond to injustice with love,

To give away my hands to serve,

To look to the heavens above.

To know there’s more than the ugly chaff;

There’s some good in the hearts made rough,

Toughened by heinous atrocities and crimes,

Hardened by the passing of moments in time.

For this race of humanity,

Must also become the race for humanity-

A chasing after peace that it may not wander alone

But dwell not only within, but also without and amongst us.

A chasing after love, that it may not serve personal gain,

But lives in jeopardy for goodness sake regain.

A chasing of kindness that it may not target blood born kin alone,

But the whole human family becoming kin and kindred as one.

Let justice beat, but not to harm.

Let justice beat, but to restore.

Let justice beat, never to demean.

Let justice beat, right doing extol.

Let peace prevail.

Let the prize for peace avail.

Peace not only Nobel,

But peace also noble.

~Beryl Nyamwange 

Again I say, “Touching the Almighty….He’s plenty of justice.”