The Pillar of Surrender.

I have trod this road of self-ambition for long.
I have taken many shortcuts often wrong.
I have severally lost the tune of my song.
I have sometimes cursed with my tongue.

Like an aged soul in need of strength,
I have walked alone many lengths.
I have held on to the winds of chance,
Lost my discernment and gained but a trance.

The destination seemed near and possible.
The pathway seemed quickly retraceable.
My muscles seemed utterly capable.
My problems seemed easily solvable.

Then I woke up to comprehend and realize,
That His purposes in me can never materialize,
If onto my temporary rope of winds I hold,
Hoping to escape life’s seasons of helpless cold.

The destination remained in clear view,
Yet it was always presented as glorious and new
Because I trusted in my options so few,
And upon my temporary measures I was glued.

Then He showed me the pillar of surrender,
At a distance it seemed to stand asunder,
But this because none liked this post of wonder,
Instead many chose the routes of wander.

My ropes of self belief must surely fall,
The guiding voice of hope calls,
“Leave it all to me, to me, leave it all’,
As I come to the final victory wall.

I have been leaning on winds of grave despair,
My own heart praying with echoes of snares,
When all I needed was a promise and a share,
Of the glories He prepares, and to know He cares.

Now I come to the wall of total surrender,
The strong pillar upon which my heart finally rests.
There I stop the ceaseless worry and the pointless wander,
For in Him I have passed the conqueror’s test.


~Beryl Nyamwange