The past few days or weeks have been filled with crisis, and ISIS and many more cries.

I think about the recent death of one of my classmates, so suddenly. France, refugees, Mali, Japan, the list goes on.

But there’s hope for the soul who sees from an eternal perspective. Such a one will realize the temporariness of earth’s current activities, and that the old story of the Cross is as new as the dawn, because we are nearing home.

Is the question about where the CRISIS is or where the CHRIST is?

The latter gives meaning because the Investigative Judgment is on, and if THE Christ be allowed a dwelling place in our hearts then the crises and hurts may go on, but we will find the region of peace and there inhabit with THE CHRIST amidst the crisis.


The monumental moments of crisis can be the momentous climbs for building characters in Christ.

What is crisis? Why the crisis? Will it do us well to complain about the Crisis or to proclaim the Christ? Yes, we cannot ignore the problems, but let them point us to the Solution for all time. We will then win regardless of the intensities of the crises. We will then cheer without the paralyzingly effects of fear. We will then draw near to hearts in need of the Truth for this time, and bring them in. We will then shout the message of salvation before time runs out into permanent oblivion. We will then sing, regardless of the stings. We will then Pray, fearless of the Prey. We will then journey in our agony, knowing we are curving an eternal story. We will clap amidst the stress, knowing we await to sap with the Master in eternal peace and rest.

imageWe will then know the times and live on time, so that if we must leave before time, we will have maximized our times.

Let me speak metaphorically as you design collages and mosaics in the wall of your mind, as a means to evoke the right emotion and the truest conviction.

Crisis is the warm womb upon which cold defeats may be birthed into hot pursuits of success for the glory of the Giver of Life. For a moment, invisible the growth may seem, yet the natural order of things demands that conception is followed by birth; that birth be the predecessor of growth, and that growth continues a relentless pursuit towards the heights of maturity. Let crisis therefore have its way when in your attitude you channel the altitude to propel it towards the gravity of gratitude, and thou shalt have learnt incredible life lessons, worthy of repeat to succeeding generations, and a living museum of great archives of wisdom for the present and the future of humanity.
Crisis faced with the compass of divine intelligence will guide the sojourner towards paths of peace and new learning amidst holy suspense!
Crisis embraced with a deep desire to learn of His great providence will fill the mind of the pilgrim with lessons for generations to come.
Crisis birthed and nursed with an attitude of gratitude will soak the perceptions of the traveler with deep insights of His goodness and open the mind to the purity of His everlastingly good character.
Crisis appreciated for its everlasting effects upon the soul of the tried will build the walls of the soul to be ready to face greater successes without complaints and learn new strategies worthy of sharing in the human domain.
Crisis faced with the knowledge of our utter inability to control our lives, will lead the soul to desire continual surrender and obedience to the One who remains eternally in control.
Face thine crisis with Christ at the forefront, and when thou shalt take a tour of reminiscence, thou shalt see the signposts and proclaim, “It was all the worth, this far with my Lord beside me.”

ISAIAH 26:3- Thou wilt keep in perfect peace he whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee.

~Beryl Nyamwange