Young blood.

Where are you?

Upon which streams

Art thou found?

With thine tender beats,



Get thee to work speedily.

Begin to flow.

Flow, oh flow

With speed to rescue

A soul perishing

A long the street.

Bleed, oh bleed.

With abundant love

For the weak and fallen

That need an ascension

To the view of the gifts,

Freely prepared for them.

Stain, oh stain.

With the décor of heaven;

Hearts that are torn,

That heaven’s matchless beauty

Upon them be graven

And there remain.

Stay warm, oh stay warm,

That a cold hearted sojourner,

Lost in the winter of earth’s jungle

Will find a safe haven

A place of rest and recuperation,

Home at last.

Transfuse, oh transfuse,

With the imprints of the divine

And leave behind His eternal pattern,

Of glorious harmony,

Of ceaseless humility,

The Truth of the majesty.

Ooze, oh ooze,

With unmatched speed

To earth’s hidden, darkened corners;

There find a silent soul,

Waiting for thy calm voice,

And begin the eternal conversation.

Drop, oh drop,

To the floors of man’s habitation,

Where youthful hearts

Are facing hurts in unknown homes,

Waiting for thy tender compassion,

The voice of grace, the footsteps of courage.

Give, oh give!

Of thy life to the Master

Who shed his blood for you

That in Him you may find life a new,

Hands of service,

A heart of prayer, a life of joy.

Be washed, oh be washed,

With the ceaseless flow

From the eternal cistern.

There thou shalt thy strength draw,

To keep thy heart healthy,

Until we finally get home.

The Red Couple at Worship

If Christians were to live passionately through Christ; to be fully convicted of His power; to fully emulate His love and compassion, daily wearing His character; with love and compassion for the human race; and to speak as Jesus did, with clarity and purpose; the eloquence of heaven untainted with human opinion, with the timely silence that equips the mind for the war against heavy battles; then the world would bow down; not in submission to us, but in full recognition of the strength of the power within us. The world would be attracted, not merely to us, but to the divine tenets that we have learned to live by and hold in high esteem regardless of the intellectual thoughts of postmodern relativism. The world would follow, not merely our paths, but the clear tracks of our Founder- a little baby born in Bethlehem, now King of the Universe. They would follow He who left the manger to the Throne; He who was to many a stranger yet now victory has won. They would follow! And together, we would live forever more. If only, I lived like a Christian!

2Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.