…that Sweetest Word!

My heart is radiating! I am looking forward to the holiday moments with FAITH! that Sweetest Word!!!

Our last Christmas season, we met people! And people are people. And we love people. And we are people! And some people rub others the wrong way- but they often expose that which is wrong within us anyway! Thank God! People are teachers.

Friends and family. Are you looking forward to spending some moments together during this holiday season? I am. We are! My heart radiates with joy at the prospects of the people we will meet and the conversations we will have, and yes, the food we will eat, and the time we will share together. It’s all by faith! For faith bears that eye of hope that refuses to be blinded by circumstances. And faith lets go of tomorrow into the hands of its Giver, in quietness and trust that He is in control.

I think of faith as a source of radiation, but not the kind that kills the prayer cells! No. Faith radiates with the warmth of His glory, and breathes life into the believer’s heart.

Hebrews 11:6 is a great reminder that, “but without faith it is impossible to please Him; for he that cometh to Him must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.”

Like the apostles of old, may we too say the simple prayer, “Lord, increase our faith.” Luke 17:5.


Faith in God causes a radiation in the heart; not of the destruction of prayer cells, but of the illumination of His power; an electrifying means through which man may take notice of the divine occupancy within him, not for entertainment and frivolity, but for communion in the Spirit, and the renewal of the mind.

A man thus made shall shine with holy light, darkness to expose, Satan to oppose, God’s will to propose, faith to compose and sin decompose.


Faith is a General who yearns to diffuse His supreme powers to any willing subject, that the latter may in the precious name of the Omnipotent do exploits.
It is a mighty force in the world that governments cannot create,
Yet from it they may utterly benefit.
Schools may not this power teach,
Yet unto each student and teacher, this power remains within reach.
Medical professionals faith’s force may not concoct in the laboratory of experiments,
Yet in the chambers of their hearts, this faith they may implement.
Academic professors may not this faith deeply subject to research,
Yet faith remains within their reach and faith is open to deep search.
Parents may not this faith bear from their wombs,
Yet this faith grows beyond the womb, and never dies even in the tomb.
Schools may not this faith purely write about,
Yet faith is willing their names be written in the eternal book.
Engineering machinery may not this faith design,
Yet to the hearts of engineers this faith longs to leave a permanent imprint and a sign.
Astronauts may not this faith find beyond the blue,
Yet in their searches above the stars this faith has granted them many clues.
Mathematicians may not this faith have the ability to count,
Yet this faith may know each by name and add to their spiritual bounties.
Language may not this faith purely define,
Yet this faith speaks of the heavenly and the divine.
Preachers may not this faith fully preach.
Yet to all who believe, this faith remains fully within reach.

In its simplicity, faith unravels complexities.
It’s rope of strength descends from heaven,
In its enormity, faith’s meaning spans beyond the galaxies,
And He can change that which is odd and make it even.
The strength of faith has power to grasp man’s weakness
And imbue him to stand in spiritual power and gait.


“Now the just shall live by faith:” Hebrews 10:38.

~Beryl Nyamwange