It’s SUMMER right here where we live. Soon after communing with the Son of Righteousness, we continue our day with a dive in our pool because as early as few minutes to 5 AM, the sun is on the race to warm the day! We don’t want to be left behind in laziness! Soon after breakfast, Joe heads off to utilize his God given gifts for the day, and I head off to my home office. For the past few days, I have shifted to the dining table because I have a great number of books, each needing space for vision through my eyes! Meanwhile, I peek to see the mountain range through the window, and as I do, a mighty rushing wind, filled with crisp air flows through to my space, bringing in all the fallen leaves straight to the living room floor.

And I am not about to send the leaves away!

Nature is attractive, isn’t it? Well, there’s a time to sweep the floors and a time to watch the litter, right? However, I have been learning a bit about trees, more especially because the leaves that now carpet my bare feet were birthed from the trees. 


“Every drop of rain, every ray of light shed on our unthankful race, every leaf and flower and fruit, testifies to God’s forbearance and His great love.” (Christ’s Object Lesson, p. 301.3).

The Author of Faith calls to our attention the need to learn from His creation lessons that give us an eternal perspective.

Our eyes behold them often, and it is possible to not take notice. Trees are schools in themselves, and when we sit under their shades or pass them by, we can’t help but realize what a Giant God we serve. Very early in Genesis, He points Adam and Eve to their source of physical sustenance- the fruit of the trees of the garden (Genesis 3:2). In Exodus, amidst the plague, He reminds us of how trees were strong enough to withstand hail and locust invasion (Exodus 10:15). In Leviticus, some trees have names (goodly trees, palm trees, thick trees and willows of the brook (Leviticus 23:40). There’s more.

Can trees bear fruits without roots? God designed that when the seedling falls upon the earth, and in the darkness of the soil it remains uncovered for a period of time, it would break through the ground and germinate into a visible plant that all eyes may behold His works, and find in Him not only physical, but spiritual sustenance.

Why Trees?

“The Bible is a leaf from the tree of life, and by eating it, by receiving it into our minds, we shall grow strong to do the will of God.”[1]

Trees remind us of God’s power to keep us rooted in Him. Their branches speak of the Christian whose growth is visible, and one in whose presence many a sojourner may find solace and rest. Trees help us to have the oxygen that we breathe everyday, reminding us to never lose the breath of prayer heavenward. They give food and offer shade.

Let the Christian be like a tree. “Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green, and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.” (Jeremiah 17:7, 8).

Oh child of God. Do you wish to grow like a tree? Let the Lord plant the seed of faith in your heart as you continue to trust in Him. Let Him water you with His ceaseless fountain of love that propels you to walk in obedience to His commands. Let the sun of righteousness descend upon you with gladsome rays to help you see clearly the divine path for your feet. Above all; feed on the leaf- the Word of God, and thou shalt not cease to bear fruit.

When you see a tree, remember Jeremiah 17: 7, 8 and that God’s heart longs for you to grow into His image and likeness, moment by moment.

“It is through the agency of God that every tiny seed breaks through the earth, and springs to life. Every leaf grows, every flower blossoms, by the power of God.”[2]

He knows you by name.

And sometimes when giant forest trees seem to tower above you

And from a distance they seem to conquer,

And they render you minute in their presence

And you dread what else hangs on their branches,

Get closer and realize,

That these gentle giants offer shade and relief

When the sun’s heat has wrinkled your brow.

They hug you with winds that pass you by,

Enough strength and added bliss to carry you on.

Let the Word of God be to you a giant tree with eternal benefits.

~Beryl Nyamwange

[1] (The Review and Herald, May 4, 1897).

[2] (The Review and Herald, March 17, 1904).