“Ask of me, and I shall GIVE THEE the heathen for thine inheritance; and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.” Psalm 2:8.

“The whole world is a vast missionary field.” “The solemn sacred message of warning must be proclaimed in the most difficult fields and in the most sinful cities, in every place where the light of the great three fold gospel has not yet dawned. Everyone is to hear the last call to the marriage supper of the lamb.” –Amazing Grace, Chapter 19. EGW.


Give me the humility of a child.

The innocence of the unborn.

The agility of youth.

The carefulness of a woman.

The determination of a man.

The patience of a teacher.

The spectacular peculiarity of a starlit night.

The cheerfulness and energy of the sunrise.

The sweet song of the birds.

The peacefulness of the sunset.

The speed of an eagle.

The calmness of a flowing stream.

The surety of a waterfall.

The steadiness of firm ground.

The eyes of vision.

The clarity of mission.

The life of the breath.

The love of a mother.

The protection of a father.

The playfulness of a brother.

The cheer of a sister.

The knowledge of the aged.

The desires of Your heart.

The prayerfulness of a sinner.

The confessions of a saint.

The race of a winner.

The imagination of the oceans.

The clear boundaries of the seas.

The heights beyond mountains.

The patterns of the roaming clouds.

For you are the Lamb who takes… 

You are the Lamb who takes:

Takes away our sins,

Takes away our pain,

You take our place,

And take the burdens of the human race.

You take the place at Calvary,

And take away our agony.

You take away our fears,

You take our hands and draw us near.

You take the cup of salvation,

And take away our indignation.

You take our brokenness,

And give us back fixed senses.

You take our perplexities

And give us courage to face uncertainties.

You manage our emergencies,

And give us solutions that last for eternity.

He gave His all for me! What shall I do with my life?

Give it all to Him! Give it all for service to humanity.

Will you give yours?

 ~Beryl Nyamwange