Players win games, but Prayers, what do they do?

You may  have been trusting God for something for a long time, or longing for a change of circumstance in your life. You may be at a point of giving up, or even working out your own plans. You may have ceased to realize the sunrise and its beauty, and the sunset surrendering to its slumber brings you heartache. You may be seeing more fallen leaves than blossoming flowers, and the wind may be beating you instead of refreshing you. It doesn’t matter what MAY, Prayer wins the DAY. May you be encouraged friend! God loves you!


Many are the players

In the game of life,

Where battles are fought with fervency,

Of the prayers that win victories,

Prayers that rise above the strife.

Yes, prayer wins the day.


When the field is cast with lots

Of uncertainty and doubts;

When the track seems marked without;

Boundaries seem unclear,

And we shout in fear,

Prayer wins the day.


When the balls of trouble roll

Aiming our goals to stall,

Rushing toward us in speed,

And we can’t hear our names called,

And our energies seem disabled,

Prayer wins the day.


When our goals miss the mark

And in perplexity we lurk,

And life gives us unexpectedly hard kicks ;

We stop to soothe our wounds in our tracks,

And the game we want to forsake,

Prayer wins the day.


When fellow players seem to race

At high speed for similar blessings,

And we are afraid to lose our breath,

And we speak our heart’s longings,

Yet the agony we’re unable to face,

Prayer wins the day.


When the referee of sin

Shouts its whistles within,

Causing us to fret and worry

And we feel a knee jerk on our spirituality,

And the pains of regret disturb our conscience,

Prayer wins the day.


When defeat lurks in my playing field,

And in my weakness I am tempted to yield,

And victory seems to be stolen,

And with all my energy I chase it,

And ask for an extra measure of skill,

Prayer wins the day.


When the game is over,

And He says I am still sober,

And the winning team awaits the results,

And my heart beats with expectations that last,

Then I realize prayer is more than a form of art,

Prayer wins the day.

~Beryl Nyamwange

“For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken.

“Proverbs 3:26

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