Despise no one.

Belittle no one.

Abuse no one.

Misuse no one.


Yesterday after the running episode of our daily lives, I came back home, with a panting heart and a head hearing words. I grabbed my notebook and penned down these words randomly. I am amazed that just now when I thought to share them in numbered format, they actually came to exactly 40! A significant number in the Bible.

  1. Let no taint of arrogance be neither found in you, nor be equated with your character, whether in contact with friend or foe.
  2. Exemplify the simple courtesies of life, with acquaintance, stranger and friend.
  3. Seek to make and build friendships with those in high places and they that be lowly.
  4. Treat one another with patient kindness, and be a witness to the little goodness left alive in the human heart still.
  5. Promote peace.
  6. Learn to be a part of the human circle, surrounding yourself with the warmth of being, for this shield of humanity with one another, will protect you from loneliness, yet allow you aloneness; for in the former is disquietude, while in the latter is solace.
  7. Appreciate the unexpected and pleasant surprises of human support. Treat these as privileges; not rights.
  8. Learn to give more than you want to receive.
  9. Forget not to always bear a heart of gratitude for the tenderness that life has shown you, and the hardships life has offered you. For in your being-alive is evidence that you have not been to the worst extreme of circumstances that death offers.
  10. Embrace pain with a heart that yearns to learn.
  11. Waste no moment in aimless complaints.
  12. Employ your tongue muscles as a tool of encouragement to the weary hearted along life’s tough sod.
  13. Look upon others with eyes of the potential they can become.
  14. Forsake the judgmental attitudes and let go of the self-employed adjudicator-roles upon the pages of others’ lives.
  15. Learn to sing when hurt surrounds you, and your heart will learn the tune of rejoicing whatever life offers you.
  16. Seek to understand others with a heart of love and a desire for their good.
  17. Put away self and her persistent clamor to be top!
  18. Bend down on the knees of prayer and service; and there find grace to supply your every need.
  19. Learn to take time to rest, that restlessness may not consume your time.
  20. Be a helping hand, and hand over the clamor for number one by wearing the glove of service to one another and shoes of peace for the streets of earth where life dwells.
  21. Know the season to speak and the reason too! The silent space is safer than incoherence.
  22. Take silence seriously when her moments come; for in lack of utterance you may find an abundance of meaning.
  23. Remember that faith- to the believing heart- is not a thing of the past or future; It is the substance of the hour and the value of each moment.
  24. Surrender your soul’s keeping to the Source of Life, for in so doing thou shalt gain life and life abundantly.
  25. Rejoice in suffering and recall the refreshing moments when grace brought you relief;
    1. When Grace delivered unto you food.
    2. When Grace clothed you and made you look good.
    3. When Grace embraced you in loneliness.
    4. When Grace granted you sleep and restfulness.
  26. Worry not about the future. It is not in your hands, but in the hands of the One that holds you.
  27. Let thine soul continue to mature, knowing that with total surrender to the Utmost, your life is secured.
  28. Give of your means to the needy, and be present in life to act when needed with purposeful speed.
  29. Pursue your dreams, but let your dreams also pursue you- lest in your hurriedness you leave them behind.
  30. Have vision that goes beyond what is visible; and if your dream be not from on High, leave it on the bed and MOVE!
  31. Curve quiet moments to speak your heart’s desires to your Maker. He knows them already; and loves you enough to want to hear you call Him by name.
  32. Wait patiently for your desires to be fulfilled.
  33. Run not ahead of yourself; It is not a game worth cheering.
  34. Watch for the signpost with the promise, “that they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.”
  35. Weary not in doing good, for in so doing you are showcasing the heart of the Father; if it be the Fruit of your connection upon the Vine.
  36. Breathe the breath of prayer, and your lungs of faith will expand, large enough under any circumstance, as you realize that the God of grace knows and calls you by name.
  37. Stay within the boundaries of His will, and there remain, yielded and still.
  38. Let Him move you in His direction, and experience His salvation.
  39. Love Him with all your heart; Hear Him call your heart.
  40. Say Yes- Here I am Lord. Use me, Use me. Use me.

~Beryl Nyamwange @2016

Your feedback will be appreciated.

Which of the above speaks most to you right now?

God bless you abundantly.