God’s character is under scrutiny right now, with more of the “why” questions that pervade the human thought. If we take time to study His word, we will find the true Revelation of the “WHO” and we find THE ANSWER.

HUMANITY is facing many trials. There moral compass is shifting to compromise of values. There’s a silent tremor of evil that is preparing the world for the greatest earthquake ever seen by man. In all this, shall the true Christian remain untouched by trial? No. The true Christian will meet trial, but will have the faith to face the trial and the grace to walk through the trial. The scenery on the journey will be filled with the beauty of Christ’s pure character, and the Christian will along this trail of trial find peace and joy in the journey.

Are you being tested now? Are you on trial?

“Our trials reveal us!
Oh yes, they have no shame!
They have no boundaries!
They fear no personality!

Our trials cower not at executing their duties upon us; their defined objective of the testing of our reins! They are shakers, they are movers, of our endurance mettle! They shout loud and like to come out in open air in varying ways: through tears, through requests for prayer or even in utter silence when the soul tells it all to no one but the ever Present One. They strike by day or by night! They have no sense of timing! They are not kept away by noise! They have no value for your knowledge or your economic status. They have no barriers. They have no respect for your academic of professorial titles. They can walk in through any home, church, school, government, community or human body at any time. They need no contractual agreement, they just report to duty.

Have you ceased to wonder why with more doctors graduating from medical school, we are but naming new sicknesses? With more engineers coming out of training, we are but constructing bigger bridges that keep us away from each other? With more teachers, we have more strikes and demands for pay? With more pastors, the church is sicker than it has ever been at any given time in this generation? That there are congregations eating grass and drinking petrol because the Pastor has said so? Have you wondered? That with more books we have less spiritual intelligence. With more technology, looser family and community connections? The more that we have, has caused us to experience the less that we don’t need. These are portions in the body of the anatomy of trial.

Trials. They never seem perfect. In fact, man tries to keep them away, or keep away from them, through burglar bars and vaccinations, through alarm systems and passwords. Oh they break through these codes and find their way, YET they may be a divine disguise clothed in ugly discomfort, albeit temporary. They may be sacred pleasures that we have not learnt to enjoy and esteem far above this present life. Indeed, they are unlimited in their strength to stretch us or dampen us, but this response, we must each choose, in our reaction to their inevitability. Nevertheless they are beautiful, but only to the heart that has eyes to see from a divine perspective, to realize that there’s life beyond trials, and….that…

“there’s a Hand that touches the stiff shoulder to losen it to turn to Him. There’s a Hand that touches the weak heart to cause it to beat for Him. There’s a Hand that moves the weary feet to cause it to walk in His direction. There’s a Hand that tilts the head to cause the eyes to focus on the right things. There’s a Hand that soothes the painful nerve to cause it to rest that the bearer may enjoy sweet sleep. There’s a Hand with enough power to carry the world. There’s a Hand that carries you. There’s a HAND. There’s THE HAND.”

So then, what?

Our trials are are our opportunities for fine tuning the often-kept-away, silenced instrument of Gratitude, which many a time bears broken strings, scattered and misused or unused because they remain unplayed, unplucked, stored away in the cupboard of complaints; and veiled with the curtain of worry about tomorrow. They are damped way in the heat of giving up, and the ear chooses to hear the echoes of the trials shout louder than the gentleness of the string when struck by the cords of the patient and enduring heart.

But let the heart continue her beat. Let the instrument of Gratitude never silence her echoes divine, and trials will cease to be a perplexity, and turn into a divine blessing, woven within the depths of our fragile human tapestry, with the hands of an omnipotent, powerful God.
Our trials reveal us! Hence if my trials must be revealing of who I am, then let me be found reveling in the beauty of Who He is!

~Beryl Joe.

‘IN THIS WORLD you shall have trouble, BUT, be of GOOD CHEER, for I have OVERCOME the world.” John 16:33