The Garden service team has just left our compound. As I opened the gate to let them go, I noticed some things that looked ugly- their tools! Very ugly indeed, some rusted, some very dirty, coated with soil and filled with scratches; not pleasant to look at, not worthy of the touch of a hand even, but they had to touch the tools to make them work!

But what did those tools do?

They have left us a sparkling lawn,
grass that calls for the body to have a nap right there!
an opportunity for us to sit outside and enjoy the majestic view.
more of fresh air after some long branches have been snipped away.
more sunshine into the garden.
no dead leaves.

So did the TOOL do! That Cross! That wooden piece that was shaped in ugly format! Came down to the garden of our untended hearts.

He was broken,
bruised in cruel shame,
spat upon,
condemned to death,
died….ISAIAH 53.


He was willing to be made into dust, like the dust He made, and we smeared Him with our filth and dirt, yet He determined to create beauty of us. He still works in the dusty hearts, to make them lasting!

And those ugly scars have made us beautiful, for the Hand still touches the wounds in the heart of this frail humanity. He longs to leave the garden sparkling, that He may come and sit with you to enjoy the beauty of His presence. He longs to have the heart mowed, that the dead leaves of selfishness may no longer be seen. He longs to have the garden watered, that the fresh fruit of the Spirit may find a place to grow and blossom. He longs to have the garden trimmed, that the ugly branches of untamed character may be snipped out, so that the Son of Righteousness may shine within the soul. He longs to come close to you. And several time, He still uses TOOLS…

TOOLS that seem ugly, yet drafted in the Court of Forgiveness with the file number reading, “Romans 8:28…In all things….” These tools are the losses that worry you; the sickness that bothers you; the financial handicaps that choke you; the pain that keeps you awake; the friendships that seem to be losing their grasp; the relationships that distance you! These losses, He can use to make gain, to maintain the green- the freshness of the garden of the heart, that the Son may shine His light.

So, next time He comes to mow your lawn with tools that seem UGLY, let Him. He will leave behind with you a most awesome lawn: of peace, love, joy, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, patience, gentleness, self control, and many other fruits.

He makes all things grow, even on the soil of a heart that seems depleted, for His character shines bright, and the soul that longs for His tending of its garden, finds Him to be the most plenteous JOY.

Let the tools do their work! Let Him.

~Beryl Joe.

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