Give me Expandable faith,

Faith that enlarges beyond circumstances,

Faith that embraces your providences,

Faith that holds on to your excellence.


Give me an Extreme faith,

Faith that will rise above situations,

Faith that knows no limitation,

Faith that experiences daily sanctification.


Give me an Excellent faith,

Faith that is perfected every hour,

Faith fully dependent on your power,

Faith that is forever sure.


Give me an Expectant faith,

Faith birthed in your promises,

Faith that makes me your witness,

Faith that shines your brightness.


Give me Inexhaustible faith,

Faith with treasures unbounded,

Faith with divine strength surrounded,

Faith upon your sacred pillars grounded.


Give me Inestimable faith,

Faith whose value is eternally divine,

Faith born from the heart of the True Vine,

Faith delighted in Your presence to dine.


Give me Invincible faith,

Faith dependent on power from on high,

Faith that will never run dry,

Faith that will never murmur nor sigh.


Give me Insurmountable faith,

Faith that you power will shout,

Faith not removed by doubt,

Faith that in the wilderness will sprout.


My faith needs enlarging!


Divine occupancy of the whole heart,

The Father to find residence inside of me,

The Spirit to echo divine wisdom through the walls of my heart,

The Son to point me upward to eternity.


Faith that will multiply,

The heart of intercessory prayer to birth,

The hands of service to open,

The feet of peace to go on the highways.


Faith that will have room,

Others to care for.

Faith that will have empathy,

Others to pray for.


Faith that will dare the foe.

Faith that will go forward.

Faith that will remain unaltered,

Faith that will stay at thine Altar.


Give me faith.

Hebrews 11.

~Beryl Nyamwange