Every day, we each enjoy the blessing of sunrises and sunsets. Often times, if we are keen to listen, we will hear the music of the birds and the noise of the cars. We face each day on the path of questions and often times, we meet the answers we are looking for, but, not always. We journey on, and we trust in THE ANSWER, for He looked for us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8), and now we must choose to be found of Him, and to lift Him up that HE may draw all men to Him (John 12:32).

As often as the sun rises, we open our blinds and curtains to let in the light of dawn. As soon as the sun sets, we draw our curtains and blinds to allow us darkness that will induce sleep and rest. And so is life, like a stage, readied for performance. We do not know what is behind the veil, but we do not cease to constitute the audience either! WE do not know what is behind the veil, but we believe divinity is in action there! We remain seated in the earth, carrying out our tasks as we best deem fit, trusting the Lord of providence for wisdom as we sit at His feet. 

THE CURTAIN!!! Protective, yet often barring the vision we so long to see! 

Are you battling with questions that you are seeking answers for?

When we don’t understand what is going on,

let us not underestimate the grandeur of what God is working on! 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the audience remains unaware of what to expect, that the Actor is behind the scenes preparing for a grand performance. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the room is filled with darkness that the audience is expected to remain in stillness, yet in expectation of the light about to burst forth upon the stage. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the grandeur of it too big for the eye to fathom, that the details are worked in the background and the audience prepared to see what lies at the forefront. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the audience remains in silence, that that which will give them delight is prepared out of sight, and upon the unveiling, the silence turns to shout of joy at last – for the evidence is now visible. 

It is when the curtain is veiled and there’s no movement upon the scene, that the Actor is preparing behind the scene, to move in such a way as to move the audience at last. 

Friend, faith is like a staged concert. Rightly positioned, ongoing work in the background, the soul patiently waiting, lights dimmed, noise hushed, music stilled, fear chilled, the heart quieted, THEN SUDDENLY; the Author of Faith bursts forth in beauty upon the stage. The soul in waiting begins a sacred dance. Music sparks! The curtain is unveiled. The background comes to the forefront. The picture is all visible at last! Patience is rewarded. Light bursts forth to illumine the darkness. Noise is replaced with tunes of praise. The heart rejoices. The mind fathoms the Savior’s blessing. The mouth speaks. The chorus sings, “they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.” 

So, let it count now: for in complete obedience to the Master;

Your waiting shall be rewarded with patience. 

Your agony shall be rewarded with His sympathy. 

Your anxiety with His peace. 

Your toil with His refreshing of your soul. 

Your fear with His divine cheer. 

Your perplexity with the wonder of His majesty. 

Your pain with eternal gain. 

Your restlessness with His stillness. 

Your helplessness with His supply! 

Had it not been for the curtain,

your vision would not be deepened,

your joy would not be complete,

your gratitude would not be immense,

and your expectation would not be realized. 


Is the curtain dark and dreary? Let Him give His spark to your soul so weary; “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31.

With Holy Cheer,

~Beryl Nyamwange