Wow, Lord, you have put the prayer heart of Jesus inside of mine, 

On my own I cannot come to thy Table with Thee to dine, 

So help me never to murmur nor repine, 

Never to fear, doubt or whine. 


Open my heart to the hurts of your people, 

Take away the resisting powers of my ego, 

Help me to see the consequences of the fall, 

And to count on You as my One and All in All. 


Show me how I may reach the hearts of humans, 

Teach me what words I may say, with timeous humor, 

That floods of tears may be turned to words of cheer, 

That fears may take off as we sense your presence so near. 


Guide my footsteps into the doors of human desires, 

Use me to hold up their arms in fervent, penitent prayers, 

Use your weapons to disempower and disable the slayer, 

Help us, upon you alone, to cast all of our worries and cares. 


When tears stream down the eyes of many, 

Let my voice be filled with Thy divine litany, 

Let me speak of your wisdom, power and might, 

Let our faith go beyond the visibility of sight. 


When they need a shoulder to lean and cry upon, 

Let me run to You and upon Your own power find strength, 

Let me come back to these hearts with divine weapons, 

Together we can conquer the foe at length. 


When they fail to speak words because of hidden pain, 

Teach me the golden silence that with intent listens, 

The encouraging word in season that is spoken on time, 

The Grace that heals our wounds and teaches us to climb. 


When traumatic memories begin to control their minds, 

Enlarge my heart with love and teach me actions kind, 

Let us find in Your place of prayer power to unwind, 

And our past to learn from and leave behind. 


When in the darkness of the night they feel alone, 

Let them know that through You are the hardest battles won, 

Through You is salvation come in the name of Jesus The Son, 

That our hearts and Yours may become as one. 

~Beryl Nyamwange.