Dear friend, How are you doing today? I do not know, but I believe that the title of our message today may resonate with an experience, either in your past or even in your present experience. You may be one of those who consider yourself to have prayed and prayed, and you feel there’s nothing more you can do, because as far as you have done, you have prayed, and isn’t prayer the best source of blessings? Let’s encourage one another on!

Yesterday, I woke up with this phrase in my heart, “You have prayed and prayed,” and as I took time to think about it, the Lord spoke these words to me. Let’s listen together as you allow me to share with you something from within me and allow me to share my joy with you. May the peace of God be yours now and forever more.  

You have prayed and prayed, 

and you feel outweighed

by atrocities, agonies and cares. 

You feel slowed down, delayed, 

by answers stuck long the way. 

When shall the answers come down?

You ask. 

Has my Lord forgotten His own?

Remains your quest. 

Like Job, you are encumbered and surrounded by armies of evil, yet the Lord comes to remind you that He is an ever present help. 

Are you feeling surrounded?

“However surrounded you may be with daily cares,

you can be surrendered to the might and strength of prevailing prayer.” 

Continue to pray.

“Why should I continue when the answer is not forth coming?” You ask.

Joe Praying

Friend, we are privileged to have free communion with the King of the Universe. Let it be that we take good advantage of this precious opportunity, to pour out our hearts, its joys and its sorrows, to the Maker of heaven and earth, the Designer of our bodies. Let not this moment pass you by for lack of feeling, or because discouragement has taken a hold on you. Seek the mighty and Omnipotent arm that has delivered precious promises to the soul that is in waiting, to feel Him more nearly, to seek Him more dearly, and to love Him more tenderly. He’s here, and He is waiting for you to tell Him of your heart, not because He doesn’t know, but because He loves you and wants to commune with you. 

Continue, for prayer will not only bring you the evidence of answers, but more so, to the Omnipresence of the Answer. It will not only bring you the gifts you have asked for, but the Giver Himself who asks for you! For He will make His grandeur known to you. Prayer will not only take away the anxieties and perplexities, but will bring forth with it the unceasing powers of His majesty. It will not only subdue all powers of darkness under you, but will teach you total surrender that you may receive the light from above. 

Are you weary and heavy laden?

Prayer will not only arm you with power to conquer, but will equip you with power to be more than a conquerer through Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Friend, there’s more to answered prayer than receiving what we ask for. There’s greater beauty in receiving the One who has asked for our hearts. 

There’s more to prayer than waiting with perseverance. There’s the beauty of holiness in living through the waiting with gratitude. 

There’s more to prayer than tangible answers to our requests. There’s the ongoing sanctification in the touch of the Invincible, and in making Him our daily Quest. 

Pray on!

Until the Answer finally settles upon your heart with His presence and perfect peace.

Until the Giver is more important than the gift. 

Until the character is transformed and wants become secondary to needs. 

Pray on! 

Until the blessing of His reign upon your soul takes precedence over the blessings of rain upon your life. 

Until you are subdued under His might and you experience His Omnipotence. 

Until He lifts up your burdens and and cheers you onward to find rest in His peaceful garden. 

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5. 

“Yes, but I have prayed.” You say affirmatively.

You have prayed and prayed? Next? PRAY ON! 

May it be well with your soul as you surrender your total self to His care and keeping, now unto eternity.


Yours in words of encouragement, 

~Beryl Nyamwange