There’s a place where God comes down to;

The quiet place where the soul is still,

Where His child in hope seeks His face through and through,

Where the heart is yielded fully to the Master’s will.


There’s a heart where God loves to come into;

The restful heart that holds onto His promises,

The quiet heart that sees the glimpses of heaven in view,

The longing heart that trusts His divine intercession.


There’s a mind that God loves to dwell within,

The obedient mind captivated by the Words of Christ,

The surrendered thoughts not in bondage to sin,

The quiet mind, in turmoil peaceful, in crisis trusting.


There’s a faith that God loves to grow,

The faith that works by love and purifies the soul,

That faith that embraces Jehovah as my all in all,

The faith that casts its desires upon Heaven’s throne.


There’s a kindness of action that God longs to see,

The extended hand of help to a neighbor in distress,

The quick feet of service that comes to another’s rescue,

The lips of abundance that speak hope amidst the heart’s cold dew.


There’s the love that God longs to develop in you,

The love that discriminates neither by caste nor color,

The abiding presence of Christ making the soul a new,

The rich love that bows before Him at His divine altar.


There’s the joy in you that God longs to behold,

The pure joy of hope that endures through turmoil,

The perfect joy that believes the redemption story as told,

The joy that is perfected by the Spirit’s anointing oil. 


There’s the hope that God longs to cultivate in you, 

Hope that endures beyond the present and visible, 

Hope enthroned with persistent prayer and divine reason, 

Hope that remains rested on the Rock through all seasons. 

~Beryl Nyamwange @2017

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