Somebody is at his/her 11th hour right now; fearful of what the future holds; shaken by a doctor’s report, or an employer’s letter; terrified by the reality of a terminal illness or wondering when the opportunity to earn income will come. Somebody is worried about the time lapse! Will I ever get married? All the good men or women…where are they? Lord, wont’ you show me? Somebody is worried about children. Lord, they are reckless and I don’t know how to raise them up. Or will I ever get the blessing of the womb? Will I ever qualify for that position? Will I pass that exam? Will there be reconciliation in that relationship? In fact, will I ever lose this weight? I don’t know what to do Lord.

Somebody is worried about their faith that seems to stagnate, and is unsure of which way to go. You feel that your prayers are not being answered. Or may be, you don’t’ even know how to pray anymore. I do not know what you have been waiting upon the Lord for, but I know that the Lord is also waiting upon you, to save you to the uttermost, if only you will surrender completely to His leading and to His will.

Allow me to share this short verse with you; to encourage you to wait patiently for the Lord, for I know, I know, Yes, I know, that He is good and faithful; that His mercies endure forever. This is not the time to give up. Let there be no such season in your experience, except that you will always, give UPWARDS to the One who made you, who knows the end from the beginning.


It is at the eleventh hour…

That the sun of hope

Brightens her rays

In the darkest situation.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the circumstance,

Long in deep slumber,

Rises up with the feet of faith,

To meet divine providence.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the fruit of perseverance,

Falls from the tree of holiness,

Ripened with the taste

Of the purity of character.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the mind, long in expectation

Of what Omnipotence can perform,

Touches the reality

Of what Omnipotence has already done!


It is at the 11th hour…

That the eye of faith

Looks retrospectively at the light of guidance

And beholds the footsteps of God,

Present all along the journey.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the ear of expectation,

Waiting for the answers,

Hears the will of God;

Finally perfected, and whispered and obeyed.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the dawn of hope,

Pulls back the curtain of uncertainty,

To let in the light of Truth

Through to the windows of the waiting soul.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the song of deliverance,

Finds an open stage of performance,

In praise and thanksgiving to the God

Of timely answers and faithful provision.


It is the 11th hour,

That the birds of cheer,

That ceased to sing in the night of fear,

Wear their wings of faith so dear,

And fly to receive the gift of the Father, ever near.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the taste of faith is no longer sour,

But that belief in God finds more power,

And the trusting child ceases to cower,

And is pronounced an overcomer.

Are you waiting on the Lord, and it seems to take so long! Know that He longs to grow you in the journey of faith. Do not give up. Give UPWARDS. You will taste of His goodness and mercy. GIVE UPWARDS.

~ Beryl Nyamwange