Is there something you have been asking God for, for what seems like YEARS?

Here comes the woman who bled for 12 years;

and the classroom she is inviting us to TODAY.

This is the lesson she has shared with my mind as I listened to her story.


Had she bled for an hour, her story could have been but a word, may be.


Had she bled for a day, her story could have been but a phrase, perhaps!

(She bleeds!)

Had she bled for a week, her story could have been but a sentence, just!

(She has been bleeding!)

Had she bled for a month, her story could have been but a paragraph, only!

(She has been bleeding for weeks now…!)

But here comes the God who sees the end from the beginning; the God who turns stories into testimonies; the God who knows the power of frail hands below His garment and a heart filled with Faith amidst the soul’s lament. Here comes the God who takes notice of His own regardless of how busy the crowd may be; the God who speaks and troubles thunder into nothingness. Here comes the God who stops when the touch of Faith tags Him; the God who slows down to speak a word of healing to the troubled. Here comes the God who knows in advance why He needs to visit a certain city; the God who knows your address and mine.

So what? Indeed, so, each passing year adds to the paragraph of this story of sandwiched lament coated with undying Faith, for the plot is being written, and the meanings are being deciphered. The clock is ticking and the situation seems to get worse! But the soul believes this is not a curse. There’s healing at the end of this tunnel of suffering.

Each passing year, a coma is added and a full stop finds its rightful place. There’s the coma of “what will happen tomorrow?” And the mind asks these questions. But the full stop of “I will be with you,” confirms that paragraph, and Faith continues to wait for the whole story as written by the Omnipotent arm.

Yes! The book is being written and the author is busy with each passing day; turning words into phrases, phrases into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs. One paragraph at a time makes for amazing chapters, and so at last, the book is complete, -with Healing in its final page, with the journey of Faith in every page, and with hope at the first chapter.

Is there something you have been asking God for, for what seems like YEARS?

Do not be content with a word or a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph.

Do not be content with just the story; Participate in this writing of your testimony, by sowing seeds of patience; speaking words of encouragement however dire your circumstance may be, and wearing a crown of faith that subdues your countenance to showcase the light of the Glory of God, shining through you!

Why Wait? Because the Author of Time never loses a moment! NEVER!

The Finisher of our Faith never leaves us to fate. NEVER!

The Guardian of our ways never leaves us unguarded. NEVER!

The Triumphant gives us MORE Faith and we’re MORE THAN Conquerors. FOREVER!

Stay on the path He has charted for you – wait patiently, You will SEE ME! He says.

You will read your own story!

You will see His handwriting on the wall of your heart!


Faith has perfect vision. You will see! ME! THE GREAT I AM.

~Beryl Nyamwange