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With each passing day, it does not remain uncommon to hear of or even experience the reality of human relationships gone sour. The variedness of the human person; temperaments, likes, dislikes, preferences, prejudices, opinions, past experiences, joys, sorrows, expectations, abuse, desires- all these factors can work to make for sour relationships between people. However, we serve the GOD OF LOVE WHO GAVE that we may learn to FORGIVE. This same Jesus, can restore that which is sour and make us soar. He takes the bitter and makes them bitter, but only if we give our vile cup to Him and let Him fill it with the power of His salvation.

Matthew 24: 12 “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

This is reality, but an even better reality is, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

” I don’t know what turmoil you could be going through, but His power is available still. 

TODAY, I just want to encourage you to see what HE CAN DO!

The wonder of God’s love is that…

relationships that have been humanly dissolved

can be divinely resolved.


God CAN make solid that which has been poured out;

that which has been evaporated…


He CA N ground firmly that which has been shaken;

that which has been moved…


He CAN collect and bring back that which has been lost;

that which is out of sight…


He CAN melt that which has been hardened;

that which has been damaged…


He CAN restore that which has been destroyed;

that which has been made void…


He CAN equip that which has been emptied;

that which has been rendered useless…


He CAN brighten that which has been scarred;

that which has been darkened…


He CAN glue back that which has been torn;

that which has been separated…


He CAN still that which has been moved;

that which has been muddied…


He CAN build that which has been broken;

That which has been altered.


He CAN revive that which has been loosened;

that which is misshapen…


He CAN revive that which is sickened,

Resurrect that which is DEAD!

Yes, He CAN…and “I CAN do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” Philippians 4:13

Go forward in faith, friend! 

~Beryl Nyamwange







When the curtain is veiled…

Every day, we each enjoy the blessing of sunrises and sunsets. Often times, if we are keen to listen, we will hear the music of the birds and the noise of the cars. We face each day on the path of questions and often times, we meet the answers we are looking for, but, not always. We journey on, and we trust in THE ANSWER, for He looked for us while we were yet sinners (Romans 5:8), and now we must choose to be found of Him, and to lift Him up that HE may draw all men to Him (John 12:32).

As often as the sun rises, we open our blinds and curtains to let in the light of dawn. As soon as the sun sets, we draw our curtains and blinds to allow us darkness that will induce sleep and rest. And so is life, like a stage, readied for performance. We do not know what is behind the veil, but we do not cease to constitute the audience either! WE do not know what is behind the veil, but we believe divinity is in action there! We remain seated in the earth, carrying out our tasks as we best deem fit, trusting the Lord of providence for wisdom as we sit at His feet. 

THE CURTAIN!!! Protective, yet often barring the vision we so long to see! 

Are you battling with questions that you are seeking answers for?

When we don’t understand what is going on,

let us not underestimate the grandeur of what God is working on! 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the audience remains unaware of what to expect, that the Actor is behind the scenes preparing for a grand performance. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the room is filled with darkness that the audience is expected to remain in stillness, yet in expectation of the light about to burst forth upon the stage. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the grandeur of it too big for the eye to fathom, that the details are worked in the background and the audience prepared to see what lies at the forefront. 

It is when the curtain is veiled, and the audience remains in silence, that that which will give them delight is prepared out of sight, and upon the unveiling, the silence turns to shout of joy at last – for the evidence is now visible. 

It is when the curtain is veiled and there’s no movement upon the scene, that the Actor is preparing behind the scene, to move in such a way as to move the audience at last. 

Friend, faith is like a staged concert. Rightly positioned, ongoing work in the background, the soul patiently waiting, lights dimmed, noise hushed, music stilled, fear chilled, the heart quieted, THEN SUDDENLY; the Author of Faith bursts forth in beauty upon the stage. The soul in waiting begins a sacred dance. Music sparks! The curtain is unveiled. The background comes to the forefront. The picture is all visible at last! Patience is rewarded. Light bursts forth to illumine the darkness. Noise is replaced with tunes of praise. The heart rejoices. The mind fathoms the Savior’s blessing. The mouth speaks. The chorus sings, “they that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength.” 

So, let it count now: for in complete obedience to the Master;

Your waiting shall be rewarded with patience. 

Your agony shall be rewarded with His sympathy. 

Your anxiety with His peace. 

Your toil with His refreshing of your soul. 

Your fear with His divine cheer. 

Your perplexity with the wonder of His majesty. 

Your pain with eternal gain. 

Your restlessness with His stillness. 

Your helplessness with His supply! 

Had it not been for the curtain,

your vision would not be deepened,

your joy would not be complete,

your gratitude would not be immense,

and your expectation would not be realized. 


Is the curtain dark and dreary? Let Him give His spark to your soul so weary; “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31.

With Holy Cheer,

~Beryl Nyamwange 


You have heard it before: God never wastes our pain! Oh yes, if the same God asked the disciples to collect the left overs from the basketfuls after feeding the thousands, then He sure lets nothing go to waste. 

A little child must come to a point of teething if life is going to be worth the feeding, not only for the physical body, but also for the spiritual. A seed buried deep in the dark earth must break forth and shoot through the soil if it must become a tree and bear fruit. A Christian must surmount the barriers of doubt and fear, and spark with the shine of invincible faith if the heart pillar must continue to remain erect in the midst of a crooked world.”

Growth comes with pain, and pain brings growth. Great paradox… but only if viewed from a divine perspective. 

This week has been hard on most of us! Three friends have died. Suddenly. I wake up hoping the news would change, but no…not yet. Hope keeps me waiting for the resurrection morn! He will come in great glory! 

I think of the pain in my heart, but I go beyond myself to imagine the pain in the heart of that heartbroken spouse seated beside me at the church, holding a funeral program with the picture of his beloved now asleep. I behold a glimpse of our sleeping sister’s certificate of completed Bible studies, with her name signed upon it. I think of the day the Master will say to her, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

I think of that 93 year old elderly mother, looking over the corpse of her beloved daughter, who moved thousands of miles away so she could be close to her mother. The sleeping sister spent her hands, delivering thousand of babies into the world as a nurse and midwife. She spent her words, encouraging others along life’s pathways. 

I think of my homeless friends, and the loss they feel over the one who is now no longer among them. I remember when she first received a Bible in her hand, how she hugged it tight with a wide smile from her fainting vision, her frail voice repeating, “I am gonna read it tonight.” I often hugged her very tight. She was small, and I could wrap her round my arms with ease! Her smile amidst her pain was contagious! 

A time comes, when our memory is reduced to nothing but a piece of paper with a few words; our still picture embedded on it. No returning smiles. No voice. No movement. No plans for tomorrow. No eye contact. No breath.

A time comes when we are referred to as “the late.” We are not late for any appointment, but again, we can never make it for any appointments on this earth. So indeed, we are late. We are referred to as “was” and no longer “is,” for our memories are gone, and we have no part in the affairs of humanity. 

A time comes when our remains fit into nothing but a small piece of wooden box, curved by the dying hands of man; our world- one of total silence, where we can no longer hear anything (for the dead know nothing, Ecclesiastes 9:5).

A time comes when those who look upon our bodies have no compliments to give, just complaints to question. Yes, they look upon our decaying body and weep, and wish, and mourn, and some even curse. But none of these acts could bring us back to life. That times comes, but we are never ready for it, or at least most are not. 

DEATH IS A FOREIGNER! It was not meant to live among us, or dwell with us. Pain is real and it comes to all of us.  In John 16:33 Jesus speaks to us and says, “…In the world, ye will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world.


Three things.

  1. Tribulation- in the world – it’s for a short time/ as short as the first tree…
  2. Cheer – through tribulation – it keeps growing with each encounter with Jesus!
  3. Overcome – through Jesus -it’s a total win when we finally see Him face to face! 

What then shall we do with pain, when we know it will not go away, at least not now?


Grow the pains that you don’t seem to like

Let the branches show and let the thorns spike, 

Find freedom in knowing what you dislike, 

Acknowledge the woe that comes with strife. 

Then shall you be prepare to take root, 

Your should with branches of liberty will shoot, 

The apathy of mediocrity to uproot, 

The excellence of divine power must shine out. 

Acknowledge the pain if wisdom you must retain, 

Let pain do her perfect work with no disdain, 

Let these experiences pass you not in vain, 

Le their reality free you from the murmurer’s chain. 

Grow the pains with a heart of surrender, 

Give the Master your agony and let Him be your Defender, 

Be still, and let Him fight your offender, 

His power to heal will make your heart tender. 

Grow the pains with a mind at peace, 

Face them each day on bended knees, 

Find joy in trusting the Father and be at ease, 

Give all your cares to Him, and be thou totally His. 


Pure growth requires a shedding forth of prejudices, 

…a planting of true purposes, 

…a weeding off of pretenses, 

…and a cultivation of new perspectives. 

Whatever pain you are going through right now, remember that through thorny ways, God marks you out a chosen way. Though thorny the paths may seem, thou wilt smell the roses of the fragrance of His providence; thou wilt sense the warmth of the sunshine of His presence; thou wilt see the colors of the beauty of His purposes; and thou wilt experience the touch of the power of His promises. Though dark the paths may be, thou wilt envision the light of His countenance; though plainness they may bear, thou wilt curve with the direction of His guidance. Though silence may shout, thou wilt hear the thundering voice of His assurance. 

He plans the direction for the feet of His children along life’s pathways. 

Keep walking! 

Much Love, 

~Beryl Nyamwange 




Faith that will NOT shrink…

Give me Expandable faith,

Faith that enlarges beyond circumstances,

Faith that embraces your providences,

Faith that holds on to your excellence.


Give me an Extreme faith,

Faith that will rise above situations,

Faith that knows no limitation,

Faith that experiences daily sanctification.


Give me an Excellent faith,

Faith that is perfected every hour,

Faith fully dependent on your power,

Faith that is forever sure.


Give me an Expectant faith,

Faith birthed in your promises,

Faith that makes me your witness,

Faith that shines your brightness.


Give me Inexhaustible faith,

Faith with treasures unbounded,

Faith with divine strength surrounded,

Faith upon your sacred pillars grounded.


Give me Inestimable faith,

Faith whose value is eternally divine,

Faith born from the heart of the True Vine,

Faith delighted in Your presence to dine.


Give me Invincible faith,

Faith dependent on power from on high,

Faith that will never run dry,

Faith that will never murmur nor sigh.


Give me Insurmountable faith,

Faith that you power will shout,

Faith not removed by doubt,

Faith that in the wilderness will sprout.


My faith needs enlarging!


Divine occupancy of the whole heart,

The Father to find residence inside of me,

The Spirit to echo divine wisdom through the walls of my heart,

The Son to point me upward to eternity.


Faith that will multiply,

The heart of intercessory prayer to birth,

The hands of service to open,

The feet of peace to go on the highways.


Faith that will have room,

Others to care for.

Faith that will have empathy,

Others to pray for.


Faith that will dare the foe.

Faith that will go forward.

Faith that will remain unaltered,

Faith that will stay at thine Altar.


Give me faith.

Hebrews 11.

~Beryl Nyamwange

with THE LORD to bATTLE…

An elderly man shared with us from Isaiah 54:17, and I was impressed to share this poem.

Look upon the face that has experienced freckles and welcomed tears. Find wisdom embedded between wrinkles and a gentle smile. Behold the eyes that have seen many sunrises and beholds yet a few more sunsets. Ponder the imaginations of a mind that has thought through many experiences and traversed many a heartache. Feel the hands that have touched wounds and given hugs, held grandchildren and now are held! This is the power of aging gracefully…. Of knowing Him who gives eternal life. Hence, this elderly man has taught me a few more lessons this week.


He read to us from Isaiah 54:17, and my heart was impressed with the poem below.

“NO WEAPON that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”


The enemy camp door is split open, 

The fury of his wrath hotter than an oven,

His bandits on the streets of human lives,

Cutting human minds with carnal knives.


The power of God has never changed, 

He has no need for leverage,

It’s not a competition with the enemy camp,

Winning has always been God’s stamp.


I am on the Lord’s winning side, 

He’s my joy and eternal source of pride,

My foes stand as nothingness,

For I can always trust God’s faithfulness.


The enemy camp must remain split,

For there is no weapon formed against me

That will ever prosper or cause me hurts,

When I know the battles is with Him.


My ammunition of prayer shall stand,

For when I am on my knees I am strong.

I shall be led forth by His mighty hand,

And to my heart strings He tunes a new song.


My weapon of praise I will unleash,

To scatter the enemy tactics fast,

As I sing praises to the Most High King,

He who comes when upon Him my burdens I cast.


My powerhouse of peace shall remain impenetrable,

For the wall of my heart is surrounded by His presence,

And no evil weapon shall break the strongholds,

That the Father has set to guard as His citadel.


My joy of overcoming shall be permanent,

My weapons of strength shall be obvious,

As the Commander leads me, He the imminent,

To paths I do not know yet pathways joyous.


May this be your song!

~Beryl Nyamwange

sOmEoNe oUt tHerE….



Praise Ye the Lord. Let us be an encouragement to someone today! Let us use words that lift up Jesus. Words that lift out hearts from darkness to light. Words that shut up the kingdom of darkness. Words that shout up the goodness of the Lord of love. Speak, for your Lord is listening!.” A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver. Proverbs 25:11

There’s a broken heart out there waiting

Waiting for the strength of your arms,

To lift it up from the pains and hurts,

And speak words of comfort and welcome.


There’s an ear out there waiting,

Waiting for the music of your kind words,

To sing a song of hope and encouragement,

And increase the joy of the beats of love.


There’s a pair of weary worn feet out there waiting,

Waiting for the guidance of your diligent footsteps,

To show them the way to life everlasting,

The path whose Guide neither knows death nor delay.


There’s a saddened face out there waiting,

Waiting for the beauty of your genuine smile,

To bring a glimmer of hope in their darkness,

And warn them of a better day soon coming.


There’s a cold hand out there waiting,

Waiting to clasp with courage your own

To feel the warmth of human love,

And be a member of the family below and above.


There’s a crying voice out there waiting,

Waiting to hear your echoes of true faith,

To revive the tunes of hopes now hushed,

And find the truth and beauty of God given dreams.


There’s a conscience out there waiting,

Waiting for the piercing of divine truth,

To leave the paths of sin and darkness,

And find love in the arms of the God of all strength.


There’s a question out there waiting,

Waiting to respond to your sacred answers,

To find depth of meaning along life’s corridors,

And walk the path of righteousness unto eternity’s doors.

~Beryl Nyamwange 

tHe kISS oF jUsTiCe & pEaCe.

People need the Lord.”

The words of a song you are familiar with.

The reality of life on the streets.

The truth of hearts made sour and bitter by atrocities.

Yet, people need the Lord. I need the Lord! 

I am enjoying sitting at the feet of my academic mentor: a man who values stories as I do; who loves books as I do. I am learning about me, and about my environment. I am asking questions about the future, yet I know the ANSWER is already in my tomorrow. Peace. 

 The week is filled with fun and glimpses of my life’s passion, and what a joy that my husband Joe is with me! I stop to think about His purpose as divinely wired within me: how justice beats in my heart each day. I hear the sound of my voice shreaking higher and higher, demanding a hearing that goes beyond sound to action; action- to save a young, innocent girl being raped, to help a widow with her grocery shopping, to tell a boy about the dangers of drug abuse, and to pray with someone whose mirror is nothing but the hard and silent walls of a small prison cubicle.  

Must I speak?

Must I defend?

Must I let it be another’s business?

Does it matter that I share my heart? 

I struggle with these questions often. I find one answer tucked wonderfully between the divine pages. He speaks, He speaks, He speaks, and tells me what is inside of His heart. And that’s what matters. 

He says,

“For I the LORD love justice;
I hate robbery and wrong.
I will faithfully give them their recompense,
and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.” Isaiah 61:8. 

“Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.” Isaiah 9:7

Here’s the equation : God loves = Justice. God hates = robbery + wrong.

How about me His child? 



Every single day, the divine Hand tunes my heart to beat;

Thousands of beats my breath receives with an upbeat,

But the one that beats the loudest and most consistently,

Is the ceaseless beat of justice.


I grasp for breath at the thought of the rape of a sweet damsel.

I stop breathing at the mental picture of a young male;

Brutally murdered and body mutilated in the name of justice.

Faces constrained and countenances longing for prevailing peace.


Life chills within me at the thought of an abortive act;

Seemingly one of today’s prevalent News artifacts.

The breath of a complete image and likeness of God snuffed and muffed,

Destroyed before the light of day by the hand of divinity is cast.


Darkness pervades my vision at the glimpse

Of an orphan going without basic necessities, knowing not the joy of a kiss.

Sunset cowers on my rainbow of bliss

When a worker is fired based on the kaleidoscope of skin!


My five senses cringe at the reality of a widow,

My sixth sense bows down in prayer,

For the homeless, pitiable, emaciated and worn!

Let God alone deal mercifully with me and with the slayer.


Let this heartbeat not die over my lifeless body,

Let not this heartbeat slow down in reckless fear,

For while I yet live, I will make my vocals loud,

I will speak and be heard, I will shout and be clear.


I will roar loud like a lion protecting her cubs,

Loud enough beyond my immediate suburbs,

Because my heartbeat will spring me to action,

Henceforth I know I will not act alone.


My heartbeat of justice will stamp my feet

Upon the path of solutions, though the steps take time,

Peace, we shout! Peace knows no defeat!

Here comes peace on time:


To seek wisdom from above,

To respond to injustice with love,

To give away my hands to serve,

To look to the heavens above.


To know there’s more than chaff;

There’s some good in the hearts made rough,

Toughened by heinous crimes,

Hardened by the passing of time.


For this race of humanity,

Must also become the race for humanity-

A chasing after peace that it may not wander alone

But dwell not only within, but also without and amongst us.


A chasing after love, that it may not serve personal gain,

But lives in jeopardy for goodness sake regain.

A chasing of kindness that it may not target kindred alone,

But the whole human family becoming kin and kindred as one.


Let justice beat, but not to harm.

Let justice beat, but to restore.

Let justice beat, never to demean.

Let justice beat, right doing extol.


Let peace prevail.

Let the prize for peace avail.

Peace not only Nobel,

But peace also noble.

“The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” Isaiah 9:7. Amen. 

~Beryl Nyamwange 

gRaCe aNd mE.

Grace is the most beautiful sound to me. 

Grace is vocal and I hear Grace’s gentle echoes.

Woe unto us if the sweet melody of Grace must ever be so loud,

yet falling into deaf ears.


Grace is an open door,

swinging upon hinges of eternal love.

Woe unto us if Grace must knock with relentless ardor, 

and the find the door of our hearts cringed and closed.


Grace takes daily walks

and marks the trails of His presence.

Woe unto us when Grace walks amongst us, 

and fails to spot us upon the right path with Him.


Grace sees,

and opens His eyes to the activities of the children of men.

Woe unto us when the eyes of Grace be opened

and we are not within the reach of His expanded view.


Grace sings audible tunes,

and soothes the human wounds.

Woe unto us when we should join Grace to make sweet melodies

and instead choose to murmur and complain.


Grace speaks the dialect of the human being,

and reveals the hidden treasures of truth.

Woe unto us that when Grace speaks with His gentle voice, 

we shall be found confirmed in our opinions and unwilling to learn and discern.


Grace calls us by name,

and knows our street address.

Woe unto us when Grace calls us to His side to grant us a new name,

and finds us content in who we are, and not what He longs to make of us.


Grace prays for us with ceaseless intercession,

and grants us the desires of our hearts.

Woe unto us when Grace comes to endow us with blessings,

only to find us confirmed and content with our temporary toys.


“And he said unto me, My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12: 9.

~Beryl Nyamwange





Desert place
The time is now past
Send the multitude away
That they may go into the villages
Buy themselves victuals

May 14 was a delightful day for both Joe and I. As we sat on the church pews, waiting for our turn to minister together in word and song to the congregation, a young man read from Matthew 14:15. 

And when it was evening, his disciples came to him saying, This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages, and buy themselves victuals.”

This verse has continued to come to me strongly quite often since the month of April. I do believe that God has been saying something to me and I must listen. Let’s unpack this treasure together a bit more.

  1. Desert place
  2. The time is now past
  3. Send the multitude away
  4. That they may go into the villages
  5. Buy themselves victuals

 John, the friend of Jesus, has just been beheaded. Jesus is going to the desert to just have some quiet time. Can’t the multitudes just give Him a break? No, they wont. Multitudes know no quiet. They follow him regardless. However, it doesn’t matter how tired and sad He is after hearing of John, He still has compassion on the multitude. He heals their sick, but the disciples have more to say as usual.

They blurt out with uncased feelings:

“Master, we are tired, this place is not so promising. We have no more time to care for these. Remove the multitude of problems. Let them find their own solutions and may be, may be as they buy themselves victuals (food and drink), their problems will be solved.”


Often times we are faced with multitudes. It is our response to the multitudes, not the reality of their existence that matters.

  1. Do we see depleted resources, the empty coffers, the barren womb, the poor grades, the fatal illness; the relationship on the verge of collapse?
  1. Do we fear that the resources cannot be revived; they are insufficient, the coffers cannot have new sets of keys, the barren wombs are too old for first fruits that are fresh, the brain cannot fathom new knowledge, the diagnosis of sickness is beyond and we embrace the doctor’s limited view? Do we anticipate revenge for our sour relationships?
  1. Do we ask for bigger salaries and forget to pray for wisdom to use the small one wisely? Do we ask for full coffers when filling them would only result in empty hearts because we do not yet know the joy of giving the little that is much as we receive it from heaven? Do we pronounce the wombs dead and call the bearers names because in our eyes they have failed a whole generation? Do we long for poor grades to be replaced with good ones when yet we refuse to rely upon the Source of all Wisdom? Do we shout for healing mercies when the light given us for obedience to natural law is slighted; we refuse to walk in it and those who practice the principles are baptized by a new name, “extreme?” Do we long for our evildoers to meet the hand of the Almighty God who remains mighty to us only when we long to see Him fight those we consider our enemies.
  1. Are our villages “debts?” A job searching without the guidance from God; a heart that longs to live comfortably in this world and get the accolades of colleagues? Hence we miss our divine calling? Do we make ourselves happy with sweet stuff and buy chocolates and clothes to cover the pain on the inside and change the taste of life? Are one-night stands, just “once” to allay the truth of guilt, and in them there’s the imagination of a sense of relief when in fact digging graves with one’s own teeth and defiling oneself ? Are we swallowing pills constantly hoping for health when we know where true health is found? Are the doors to illicit relationships remaining a jar with the hope that this time, true love would be real? Do we upgrade ourselves through the relentless search for fame determined by how many likes we have on social media and how many accolades from fellow human beings? The latest cell phones and apps?
  1. Are we buying into the notion that success is pegged onto obese bank accounts, high academic degrees, having a generational legacy behind us, beauty that is external and the belief that toxic people must be rid of and kept at bay, to be watched from a distance and not to be loved close?



Desert place-

the physical realm of how we view life. Everything seems dry, yet in the wilderness He can create flowing springs.

Time is past-

the “time factor.” OH! It’s too late to marry, too late for that career, too late to have children, too late to pay that debt, too late, too late, too late. We repeat to ourselves our deficiencies and silence the voice of hope. Yet the Author of Time has never been late for any appointment and is the Professional at turning disappointments into divine appointments.

Send away the multitudes-

the throngs of issues and peoples that bother us. Yet we can only see a miracle of 12 basketfuls and more, if we let Him deal with the multitude as He deems best. And when He does, there are always fresh leftovers to feed more!

Go into the villages-

the Plan B’s that we have lined up. If this doctor can’t help me, then I know another one. If this school can’t accept my application, then I know where to go. If I can’t live in this area, I still have options. Yet, options without God’s unction are just that, options devoid of opportunities.

Buy yourself victuals –

a better car, a better house, new friends. Oh, new clothes may just make us happy? So we presume. Yet there’s the newness of heart that brings eternal joy, and being clothed with His righteousness is the perfect garment of all time.


we live in a fast-paced world, and a first-paced one.

We are admonished to seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto us. Matthew 6:33. And when wealth and school degrees are added to us, they shall not define us. They shall be the Master’s instruments in a trusted steward’s hands to be employed for His glory.

Wealth and true education are blessings from God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. He bids us ask for wisdom if we need it and He will give plenteously.


Let us aim to please the Father and we shall win the battles of this life as we await the eternity prepared for us.


~Beryl Nyamwange







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