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Is there something you have been asking God for, for what seems like YEARS?

Here comes the woman who bled for 12 years;

and the classroom she is inviting us to TODAY.

This is the lesson she has shared with my mind as I listened to her story.


Had she bled for an hour, her story could have been but a word, may be.


Had she bled for a day, her story could have been but a phrase, perhaps!

(She bleeds!)

Had she bled for a week, her story could have been but a sentence, just!

(She has been bleeding!)

Had she bled for a month, her story could have been but a paragraph, only!

(She has been bleeding for weeks now…!)

But here comes the God who sees the end from the beginning; the God who turns stories into testimonies; the God who knows the power of frail hands below His garment and a heart filled with Faith amidst the soul’s lament. Here comes the God who takes notice of His own regardless of how busy the crowd may be; the God who speaks and troubles thunder into nothingness. Here comes the God who stops when the touch of Faith tags Him; the God who slows down to speak a word of healing to the troubled. Here comes the God who knows in advance why He needs to visit a certain city; the God who knows your address and mine.

So what? Indeed, so, each passing year adds to the paragraph of this story of sandwiched lament coated with undying Faith, for the plot is being written, and the meanings are being deciphered. The clock is ticking and the situation seems to get worse! But the soul believes this is not a curse. There’s healing at the end of this tunnel of suffering.

Each passing year, a coma is added and a full stop finds its rightful place. There’s the coma of “what will happen tomorrow?” And the mind asks these questions. But the full stop of “I will be with you,” confirms that paragraph, and Faith continues to wait for the whole story as written by the Omnipotent arm.

Yes! The book is being written and the author is busy with each passing day; turning words into phrases, phrases into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs. One paragraph at a time makes for amazing chapters, and so at last, the book is complete, -with Healing in its final page, with the journey of Faith in every page, and with hope at the first chapter.

Is there something you have been asking God for, for what seems like YEARS?

Do not be content with a word or a phrase or a sentence or a paragraph.

Do not be content with just the story; Participate in this writing of your testimony, by sowing seeds of patience; speaking words of encouragement however dire your circumstance may be, and wearing a crown of faith that subdues your countenance to showcase the light of the Glory of God, shining through you!

Why Wait? Because the Author of Time never loses a moment! NEVER!

The Finisher of our Faith never leaves us to fate. NEVER!

The Guardian of our ways never leaves us unguarded. NEVER!

The Triumphant gives us MORE Faith and we’re MORE THAN Conquerors. FOREVER!

Stay on the path He has charted for you – wait patiently, You will SEE ME! He says.

You will read your own story!

You will see His handwriting on the wall of your heart!


Faith has perfect vision. You will see! ME! THE GREAT I AM.

~Beryl Nyamwange


At the 11th Hour…


Somebody is at his/her 11th hour right now; fearful of what the future holds; shaken by a doctor’s report, or an employer’s letter; terrified by the reality of a terminal illness or wondering when the opportunity to earn income will come. Somebody is worried about the time lapse! Will I ever get married? All the good men or women…where are they? Lord, wont’ you show me? Somebody is worried about children. Lord, they are reckless and I don’t know how to raise them up. Or will I ever get the blessing of the womb? Will I ever qualify for that position? Will I pass that exam? Will there be reconciliation in that relationship? In fact, will I ever lose this weight? I don’t know what to do Lord.

Somebody is worried about their faith that seems to stagnate, and is unsure of which way to go. You feel that your prayers are not being answered. Or may be, you don’t’ even know how to pray anymore. I do not know what you have been waiting upon the Lord for, but I know that the Lord is also waiting upon you, to save you to the uttermost, if only you will surrender completely to His leading and to His will.

Allow me to share this short verse with you; to encourage you to wait patiently for the Lord, for I know, I know, Yes, I know, that He is good and faithful; that His mercies endure forever. This is not the time to give up. Let there be no such season in your experience, except that you will always, give UPWARDS to the One who made you, who knows the end from the beginning.


It is at the eleventh hour…

That the sun of hope

Brightens her rays

In the darkest situation.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the circumstance,

Long in deep slumber,

Rises up with the feet of faith,

To meet divine providence.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the fruit of perseverance,

Falls from the tree of holiness,

Ripened with the taste

Of the purity of character.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the mind, long in expectation

Of what Omnipotence can perform,

Touches the reality

Of what Omnipotence has already done!


It is at the 11th hour…

That the eye of faith

Looks retrospectively at the light of guidance

And beholds the footsteps of God,

Present all along the journey.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the ear of expectation,

Waiting for the answers,

Hears the will of God;

Finally perfected, and whispered and obeyed.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the dawn of hope,

Pulls back the curtain of uncertainty,

To let in the light of Truth

Through to the windows of the waiting soul.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the song of deliverance,

Finds an open stage of performance,

In praise and thanksgiving to the God

Of timely answers and faithful provision.


It is the 11th hour,

That the birds of cheer,

That ceased to sing in the night of fear,

Wear their wings of faith so dear,

And fly to receive the gift of the Father, ever near.


It is at the 11th hour…

That the taste of faith is no longer sour,

But that belief in God finds more power,

And the trusting child ceases to cower,

And is pronounced an overcomer.

Are you waiting on the Lord, and it seems to take so long! Know that He longs to grow you in the journey of faith. Do not give up. Give UPWARDS. You will taste of His goodness and mercy. GIVE UPWARDS.

~ Beryl Nyamwange

There’s a place…


There’s a place where God comes down to;

The quiet place where the soul is still,

Where His child in hope seeks His face through and through,

Where the heart is yielded fully to the Master’s will.


There’s a heart where God loves to come into;

The restful heart that holds onto His promises,

The quiet heart that sees the glimpses of heaven in view,

The longing heart that trusts His divine intercession.


There’s a mind that God loves to dwell within,

The obedient mind captivated by the Words of Christ,

The surrendered thoughts not in bondage to sin,

The quiet mind, in turmoil peaceful, in crisis trusting.


There’s a faith that God loves to grow,

The faith that works by love and purifies the soul,

That faith that embraces Jehovah as my all in all,

The faith that casts its desires upon Heaven’s throne.


There’s a kindness of action that God longs to see,

The extended hand of help to a neighbor in distress,

The quick feet of service that comes to another’s rescue,

The lips of abundance that speak hope amidst the heart’s cold dew.


There’s the love that God longs to develop in you,

The love that discriminates neither by caste nor color,

The abiding presence of Christ making the soul a new,

The rich love that bows before Him at His divine altar.


There’s the joy in you that God longs to behold,

The pure joy of hope that endures through turmoil,

The perfect joy that believes the redemption story as told,

The joy that is perfected by the Spirit’s anointing oil. 


There’s the hope that God longs to cultivate in you, 

Hope that endures beyond the present and visible, 

Hope enthroned with persistent prayer and divine reason, 

Hope that remains rested on the Rock through all seasons. 

~Beryl Nyamwange @2017

Possibilities Road Sign with blue sky and cloud

You have prayed and prayed…next?

Dear friend, How are you doing today? I do not know, but I believe that the title of our message today may resonate with an experience, either in your past or even in your present experience. You may be one of those who consider yourself to have prayed and prayed, and you feel there’s nothing more you can do, because as far as you have done, you have prayed, and isn’t prayer the best source of blessings? Let’s encourage one another on!

Yesterday, I woke up with this phrase in my heart, “You have prayed and prayed,” and as I took time to think about it, the Lord spoke these words to me. Let’s listen together as you allow me to share with you something from within me and allow me to share my joy with you. May the peace of God be yours now and forever more.  

You have prayed and prayed, 

and you feel outweighed

by atrocities, agonies and cares. 

You feel slowed down, delayed, 

by answers stuck long the way. 

When shall the answers come down?

You ask. 

Has my Lord forgotten His own?

Remains your quest. 

Like Job, you are encumbered and surrounded by armies of evil, yet the Lord comes to remind you that He is an ever present help. 

Are you feeling surrounded?

“However surrounded you may be with daily cares,

you can be surrendered to the might and strength of prevailing prayer.” 

Continue to pray.

“Why should I continue when the answer is not forth coming?” You ask.

Joe Praying

Friend, we are privileged to have free communion with the King of the Universe. Let it be that we take good advantage of this precious opportunity, to pour out our hearts, its joys and its sorrows, to the Maker of heaven and earth, the Designer of our bodies. Let not this moment pass you by for lack of feeling, or because discouragement has taken a hold on you. Seek the mighty and Omnipotent arm that has delivered precious promises to the soul that is in waiting, to feel Him more nearly, to seek Him more dearly, and to love Him more tenderly. He’s here, and He is waiting for you to tell Him of your heart, not because He doesn’t know, but because He loves you and wants to commune with you. 

Continue, for prayer will not only bring you the evidence of answers, but more so, to the Omnipresence of the Answer. It will not only bring you the gifts you have asked for, but the Giver Himself who asks for you! For He will make His grandeur known to you. Prayer will not only take away the anxieties and perplexities, but will bring forth with it the unceasing powers of His majesty. It will not only subdue all powers of darkness under you, but will teach you total surrender that you may receive the light from above. 

Are you weary and heavy laden?

Prayer will not only arm you with power to conquer, but will equip you with power to be more than a conquerer through Jesus Christ our Savior. 

Friend, there’s more to answered prayer than receiving what we ask for. There’s greater beauty in receiving the One who has asked for our hearts. 

There’s more to prayer than waiting with perseverance. There’s the beauty of holiness in living through the waiting with gratitude. 

There’s more to prayer than tangible answers to our requests. There’s the ongoing sanctification in the touch of the Invincible, and in making Him our daily Quest. 

Pray on!

Until the Answer finally settles upon your heart with His presence and perfect peace.

Until the Giver is more important than the gift. 

Until the character is transformed and wants become secondary to needs. 

Pray on! 

Until the blessing of His reign upon your soul takes precedence over the blessings of rain upon your life. 

Until you are subdued under His might and you experience His Omnipotence. 

Until He lifts up your burdens and and cheers you onward to find rest in His peaceful garden. 

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5. 

“Yes, but I have prayed.” You say affirmatively.

You have prayed and prayed? Next? PRAY ON! 

May it be well with your soul as you surrender your total self to His care and keeping, now unto eternity.


Yours in words of encouragement, 

~Beryl Nyamwange 

In Captivity?… Be Captivated!

They were in captivity! In Babylon!

It is in Babylon where Daniel heard the Lord reveal to him great secrets (2:28), It is in Babylon where King Nebuchadnezzar worshipped Daniel (2:46) and knew of the God of Daniel, and made Daniel into a great man, and made him ruler of the whole province of Babylon (2:26-49).

This morning, Joe and I spent some time reflecting on Daniel Chapter 2; a chapter that every Christian must read and ask the Holy Spirit for the power of discernment, knowledge and understanding. However, some thoughts struck me as we did our Bible Lesson.

Daniel 1:1 Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon comes to Jerusalem and besieges it! That means he surrounds it, he blockades it, the people inside the city are overwhelmed and they feel harassed. Daniel, and his friends were taken captive! They were stripped away from their familiar surroundings, to be placed in the king’s palace, where their lifestyle and life would be tested.

And the Lord gives Jehoiakim, King of Judah into Nebuchadnezzar’s hand! But not just that… Nebuchadnezzar tells Ashpenaz, the master of his eunuchs that he should bring certain of the children of Israel…children in whom there ‘s no blemish, but well favored, and skillful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science, and such as had ability in them to stand in the king’s palace, and whom they might teach the learning and the tongue of the Chaldeans (verses 2-4).

Now among these were of the children of Judah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (verse 6).


THERE’S the divinely appointed place of captivity, where the trusting soul by the hand of the Lord, is sent to dwell.

Like John the Baptist in the Isle of Patmos- a place seemingly lonely

Like Daniel in the Lion’s Den- a place seemingly fierce

Like the three Hebrew boys in the fiery furnace- a place seemingly fiery

Like Hannah and her barren womb- a place seemingly quiet.

Yet it is in this captivity, divinely constituted, that the trusting soul of the man or woman is captivated. It is this place of captivity, where the soul is reconstituted in conformity to the Perfect One. This is the place of quiet, where the silent voice of prayer ascends to the throne of heaven. It is a place of contemplation, where the mind and and its thoughts is streamlined heavenward. It is the place of reflection, where past blessings pass through the memories of the blessed one; and a place of hope, where divine expectancy births the heart with the joy of a tomorrow yet unknown.

Child of God, when thou findest thyself in the place of captivity, do not agitate! You cannot afford to! You must meditate– for all power is given unto you- and all time- to reflect upon the Lord’s goodness; to anticipate His blessings and to contemplate the wonders of His amazing grace.

In the place of captivity is the place to be captivated by the beauty of prayer.

Bow the knee! Lift up the hands! In the silence of the soul listen to the still small, voice. You will hear Him echo back His promises to you His beloved.

In this place of captivity is the place to be captured by His divine tunes.

Fine-tune your heart to sing praises to Him. Voice your love for Him and pour out your heart toward Him.

In this place of captivity is the liberty found to walk in obedience to His will.

Here, the soul learns to be still, to wait in hope and patience, and to move when the Rock of Ages repositions you.

In this place of captivity is the place of testimony.

Here the soul learns to say, “Where would I be, had it not been for you, Jesus?” Heaven echoes back to this silent soul, “I am with you to the very end of the age.”

Christian, are you buffeted?

Worried about the future?

Fear not.

Are your feathers ruffled?

You are unable to fly?

Fear not.

Your captivity- as dark as it may seem, is your place to shine and His glories beam.

Fear not!

Your captivity is the place to strengthen the faith muscle; empowered to take hold of His promises.

Fear not!

Your captivity is the place of joy; equipped with His talents and gifts within you, now go forth and these, employ.

Fear not!

Your captivity is the place of blessing, where the divine secrets are revealed.

Fear not!

Be captivated in your captivity,

by the ceaseless wonders of His Majesty,

and let Him use whatever means He deems fit,

to prepare you for eternity- even your captivity.

So, like Daniel, dare to say, “there is a God in heaven, that revealeth secrets.” (Daniel 2:28).

Open your heart for His revelations, even in your captivity.

Let it be said of us, like unto Daniel and his friends,

 “There ‘s no blemish in them, they are well favored, and skillful in all wisdom, and cunning in knowledge, and understanding science. And at last, may we too, like Daniel have the ability to stand in the King’s palace, the King of the Universe, when He returns, and that like Daniel, we may be willing to learn, not the tongue of the Chaldeans, but the dialect of heaven, even right now!

 In captivity, be captivated. Stand up! Stand up for Jesus! 

With the Joy of the Lord,

~ Beryl Nyamwange @2016

Daniel dan3a.jpg








“There’s no limit to the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.” My Life Today, Ellen G. White, p. 37. 

Growing up, I recall my Dad’s shopping boxes and my urge to see the content, not because I was interested in knowing what he bought, but more so because I wanted to read all the labels. I remember the first time I saw the word, “Immediately” and it sounded like the size of the whole universe. But then I came across another one, quit short…., “LTD.” This short one never seemed to make sense because there was not a single vowel in it. How could I pronounce it? I soon learnt that companies/organizations used it as part of their name. Overtime, I also learnt it was “limited” spelt in short form.

I ponder those days with great joy in my heart, and today, we are blessed with a library of books we enjoy reading, and my dear Husband Joe, loves to read as well! Reading has been that voracious activity of our lives, and through reading my soul has continued to enriched. Since we got married, it has been our daily habit to read together each morning and each  night. 

Back to the world “limited,” the “LTD” that bothered my childhood mind; that word that I could not pronounce. Today, I know there’s a better word than limited, and it is limitless. Today, I choose to see things in a limitless way. 

“There’s no limit to the usefulness of the one who, putting self aside, makes room for the working of the Holy Spirit upon his heart and lives a life wholly consecrated to God.” My Life Today, Ellen G. White, p. 37.

We live in a society filled with inequalities and imbalances. Some are hard to pronounce- like when a three month old baby is raped, or a 90 year old grandma is told to swim on the grass during war. Limited thinking! These inequalities abound, but there’s hope, for there’s One who has made all…

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation.” Acts 17:26

We are each strategically positioned to fulfill the purpose designed for us, using our image and likeness with Christ, our time appointed to us, and our habitation.  

“However limiting circumstances may pose, the providence of God never is never on pause.”

Dear reader, there remain possibilities. Help me see…..and I hope one stanza here will speak to your situation or to that of someone you know, and will send you to bow the knee in intercession. Help me see…..limitless possibilities. 


I see limitless possibilities,

In a child born with deformities,

For I know that He who created humanity,

Can through this child work miraculously,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a child with a temperament hyperactive,

For I know that He who averts calamities,

Can through this child do a work bold and active,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a youth swayed by drugs and swamped in sin,

For I know that God sees his potential and abilities,

And can express them through His divinity,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a youth succumbing to negative peer pressure,

For I know that her misconceived bigotries,

Can be wheeled back by the Power Supreme into positive abundant measures,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a single mother attempting an abortion,

For the Lord of life’s uncertainties,

Can in her situation bring a new revelation,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a single mother desiring her child to give the best,

For the Giver of life’s gifts and responsibilities,

Will adorn her with wisdom that lasts,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a single father unsure of the future,

For in his seemingly present incapacities,

God grants him increasing knowledge the youthful soul to nurture,

I see limitless possibilities,

In the marriage where husband is trapped in an affair,

For the God who created marriage as the holy matrimony,

Is able to teach both husband and wife how to be fair,

I see limitless possibilities,

In the marriage where the wife’s heart aches,

For the God who teaches us how with one another to be friendly,

Can save her soul for His name’s sake,

I see limitless possibilities,

In a grandparent caring for orphaned grandchildren,

For in the reality of death and stolen dreams,

God has a treasure house now that lasts forever though presently hidden,

I see limitless possibilities,

In one struck by fatal illness,

For in the sick bed of infirmities,

God’s presence brings quiet and stillness,

What possibilities do you see?

What visions do you comprehend?

What perceptions do you believe?

What barriers will you transcend?

Then let the Holy Spirit descend,

Abide in our hearts His love to embrace,

Prepare us toward heaven to ascend,

Filled with faith, victory and abundant grace.

Friend, we are called to respond to His love with obedience and to grace, with OBEDIENCE. If we sin, we must confess, for though the possibilities be many, the blessings will come to those that through divine grace, love to walk in OBEDIENCE to God. 

~Beryl Nyamwange @2016



Incredible GRACE…


For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men,

Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world. TITUS 2:11, 12. 

Incredible grace,

For the hard days,

This is what you give,

Through the pathways.

Incredible grace,

Through the delays,

This is where I wait,

For You along the way.

Incredible grace,

For when I know I’ve prayed,

This is the peace,

You bestow.

Incredible grace,

For the times I have gone astray,

This is the direction,

You show.

Incredible grace,

For when I am weak,

This is the grace,

That strengthens.

Incredible grace,

For when I am sick,

This is where I find,

Healing and faith.

Incredible grace,

For when I need your promises,

This is the grace

That sanctifies.

Incredible grace,

When the world gets cross,

This is the grace

That fully satisfies.

~Beryl Nyamwange.




Wow, Lord, you have put the prayer heart of Jesus inside of mine, 

On my own I cannot come to thy Table with Thee to dine, 

So help me never to murmur nor repine, 

Never to fear, doubt or whine. 


Open my heart to the hurts of your people, 

Take away the resisting powers of my ego, 

Help me to see the consequences of the fall, 

And to count on You as my One and All in All. 


Show me how I may reach the hearts of humans, 

Teach me what words I may say, with timeous humor, 

That floods of tears may be turned to words of cheer, 

That fears may take off as we sense your presence so near. 


Guide my footsteps into the doors of human desires, 

Use me to hold up their arms in fervent, penitent prayers, 

Use your weapons to disempower and disable the slayer, 

Help us, upon you alone, to cast all of our worries and cares. 


When tears stream down the eyes of many, 

Let my voice be filled with Thy divine litany, 

Let me speak of your wisdom, power and might, 

Let our faith go beyond the visibility of sight. 


When they need a shoulder to lean and cry upon, 

Let me run to You and upon Your own power find strength, 

Let me come back to these hearts with divine weapons, 

Together we can conquer the foe at length. 


When they fail to speak words because of hidden pain, 

Teach me the golden silence that with intent listens, 

The encouraging word in season that is spoken on time, 

The Grace that heals our wounds and teaches us to climb. 


When traumatic memories begin to control their minds, 

Enlarge my heart with love and teach me actions kind, 

Let us find in Your place of prayer power to unwind, 

And our past to learn from and leave behind. 


When in the darkness of the night they feel alone, 

Let them know that through You are the hardest battles won, 

Through You is salvation come in the name of Jesus The Son, 

That our hearts and Yours may become as one. 

~Beryl Nyamwange. 


While we wait…


Waiting is that slow game upon whose playing fields no one likes to be found. It is the incongruent beat that few like to hear; the song whose tunes many find to be one of disharmony; the concert no one ones to attend; the stage no one wants to stand upon, and the food that tastes bitter to the majority. Yet upon this field, even with the best of denials, each one must find a place, liking it or not. We all stand on the portals of waiting as long as we live. Yet waiting is not losing!

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” ISAIAH 40:31. 

There’s a kind of waiting that strengthens. It does not deplete the soul of its resources. This is the waiting upon the Lord. This kind of waiting stops us from walking and sets us up to soaring; it goes beyond the mediocrity of a life here below, to the yearning for  life much better up above. It is not a waste of time, it is the investment in time.

“Waiting is not a waste of time, it is the investment in time.”

Friend, I do not know what you are waiting on the Lord for. It could be for a source of income, for a spouse, for a house, for a child, for a sick one to be healed, for your loved ones who have not accepted Christ as their personal Savior, for feedback on your ideas, for your gift to soar and find purpose in daily life, for graduation, for a wedding, for your personal healing. Whatever you are waiting for, invest your waiting time in growing your heart in readiness for the gift that God will bestow upon His patient child.


Whatever it is you are waiting for, keep waiting- because your troubles are WEIGHTED in the scales of heaven- and you can bear them when you LET CHRIST carry the burden.

If the weight of your burdens scare you, rethink the enormity of the size of the God beside you!

I want you to know that He too is WAITING FOR YOU, ON YOU AND WITH YOU.

He’s waiting FOR you to accept His perfect will for you. He’s waiting ON you to hear Him speak His divine voice to your circumstance. He is waiting WITH you that you may commune with Him each day.

You have fought for so long, hoping that in fighting, your circumstances will move and you will win, but you realize they haven’t moved, and you haven’t won. You have been anxious so long, hoping that in your anxiety your agitated heart will lend the discomfort to be removed, but you realize nothing has changed; the discomfort lingers on.

When you come to the point of realizing that nothing has changed, then your heart is readied for the change, if only you will accept the Divine Order that changes situations, not just for your good, but for your best.

Keep waiting, Keep trusting. Continue the self examination of your heart. Change is not dependent upon you, or on the people you hope to help you pull strings. Change is dependent on the One who weaves the heart and pumps it each day with life, with purpose, with duty.

“For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Philippians 2:13. 

To the One that worketh in us, we we are called to surrender if we want to wait with joy. We have a part to play, in surrendering to His will, in communing with Him, in interceding for others, in trusting, in obeying, in calling upon His name, in trusting in the power of victory that He brings, in staying still and waiting on Him. 



We shall not stand still but move.

In the power of God in haste, 

We will tell the world of His tender mercies and love. 


We will not murmur or complain, 

But with joy stand at Expectation’s gate, 

Where divine promises are made plain. 


We will not entertain any tremors of anxiety, 

But with peace our hearts shall continually beat, 

Until with Divine will we stand in conformity. 


We will not be sleepless in the night with wander, 

But with divinity to sup, dine and eat, 

Until the Light dawns, and we behold Christ’s matchless wonder. 


Our hearts shall not fail with the intensity of fear, 

But be purified, sanctified and made chaste, 

Until we fully experience the presence of the God always near. 


We will not succumb to worry, fear or sorrow, 

For the Omnipotent One knows what is best, 

And prepares us for the paths of tomorrow. 


Our hands will not hang down in idleness, 

For when the heart goes out in divine quest, 

Power for service is granted and so is obedience. 


Our restlessness shall not steal away our peace, 

Nor shall we entertain human debates, 

But remain in stillness, for there’s The Power that IS! 

“THE Greatest Wait of the world is the wait of the soon returning King and Savior.

The Greatest Wait of God’s heart is your total surrender of your whole to His will.”

~Beryl Nyamwange 

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